It's time you stopped disappointing your non-meat-eating guests with that sad mushroom in a burger bun

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Even if you're a meat-lover, you'll like these …

We can all recognise that forlorn look on any vegetarian's face as you hand them their 27th frozen meat-substitute burger of the season, while the rest of the party tucks into a juicy meat banquet. 


What we're saying is, it's about time we spared a thought for our veggie friends. Because while you were busy charring sausages into extinction, the more creative veggie minds of the internet were busy coming up with recipes that don't taste of dust and sadness. Here are a few that will thrill carnivores and veggies alike.


Asparagus with coriander pesto

​Pretty much the only way to cook these juicy spears is on the grill with a drizzle of tasty pesto. These are a treat whether eaten hot or cold. Alternatively, just dip in a pot of fresh mayonnaise while they're still warm.

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Curried courgette rolls

Pan-fried courgette, cheese and a spicy curry kick. Yes. By some wonderful magic, the tangy goat's cheese – which should be fresh and not aged – and the sprinkle of curry go together a treat. If you're not in a curry kind of mood, then a twist or two of salt and a dash of red chilli will do nicely.

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Tofu beet burgers

Don't cover your ears and run for your life when you hear the word 'tofu' because it's actually pretty delicious in a seedy burger bun. Only one letter away from beef and just as yummy, these hefty beet tofu burgers add some colour to proceedings. If you feeling like pushing the boat out, they're great with smoky, salty halloumi.

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Cauliflower lentil burger

Have you ever seen a veggie burger looking so loaded and delicious? No you haven't because this is a whopper. This one gets extra bonus points for being vegan. Habanero mayo, chickpea onion rings and a hearty cauli-lentil centre.

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Quinoa burger loaded with caramelised onions and sweet potato fries

Nobody who was served this at a barbecue could ever feel short changed, least of all if they were veggie. This monster is stuffed with cheese, sweet potato fries (let's face it, they're better than normal fries) caramelised onions and a crispy skinned quinoa burger. 

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Grilled peaches with bourbon salted caramel

Because who doesn't like dessert? These barbecue peaches are deeeelish with vanilla cream and caramel sauce. They are beyond good and sweet-toothed veggies will love 'em.

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Sweet potato wedges with honey dipping sauce

If you're desperately missing chips with your meal and the jacket potatoes just aren't doing the trick then these wedges can provide the hot, hearty backbone to any veggie barbecue. Dipped in honey mustard with that distinctive grilled-ness, they rock.

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Grilled spring onions with romesco

​The sweet nuttiness of this peppery sauce is an absolute dream with griddled onions. You can easily munch a whole pile of them on their own but they also stir nicely into warm couscous salads. The romesco sauce basically tastes good on all veg.

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Have you got any secret veggie showstoppers that are perfect for barbecues? Tell us in the comments box below or tweet us @Homemade