It’s not just about your burger flipping technique you know…


The big daddy

What is it: Napoleon Prestige Pro 665


Claims to: Barbecue like you’re on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise


Best for: We’ll just get this one out of the way at the start, shall we? For those with seriously deep pockets, seriously big BBQ ambitions and a serious amount of friends, this is as about as top of the range as these things get. Eight burners (that’s 42 burgers’ worth of grill), a ceramic brick, integrated wood chip smoker tray, built in lights for night-time barbecuing… you get the picture. It’s basically better than most kitchens.


Price: £2,699.99 from

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Feel the power of the dark side

What is it: Star Wars Light Saber tongs


Claims to: Turn your burgers to the dark side… literally


Best for: As little boys of all ages know, the only thing more manly than firing up a BBQ is firing up a BBQ whilst pretending to be Darth Vader. These tongs not only look like the sort of sausage turner a Jedi knight would use, but for bonus LOLZ actually make proper light saber sound effects. All together now: Luke, I am your father (now eat your dinner).


Price: £24.99 from

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Belt up, man up

What is it: Grillslinger tool belt


Claims to: Hold all your essential grilling tools in one handy utility belt


Best for: Every chap knows that tool belts are fantastic and make you look a bit like Batman. Also, anyone who’s ever tried to juggle the BBQ tongs, fork, spatula, knife, etc knows that it can be a bit of a nightmare. Two birds – one stone.


Price: £49.99 from

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Pizza the action

What is it: Bakerstone Pizza Stone Box


Claims to: Convert your standard barbie into a bona fide pizza oven


Best for: This neat letterbox-style gadget sits on your grill and radiates the heat to reach 400 degree temperatures inside. Simply pop your homemade pizza in and watch it cook amazing crusty creations in just 3-4 minutes. Plus, for proper show-offs it can also handle homemade breads. Seriously. You can actually bake bread on the barbecue.


Price: £129.99 from


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Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast

What is it: BBQMaster Fish basket


Claims to: Cook up to three fish safely and easily


Best for: There comes a point when we all have to expand our barbecue repertoire from the bog standard sausage/burger combo. This neat basket couldn’t make grilling fish any easier – not only keeping them securely in place over the charcoal, but ensuring they don’t tear apart when it’s time to turn them. Simple and effective.


Price: £14 from

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Smoke ‘n’ go

What is it: Weber Smokey Joe kettle BBQ


Claims to: Give you a premium smoker experience in a compact, portable package


Best for: Made by top-notch brand Weber, this neat barbecue is small enough to fit in the boot of your car, features a handy ash collector, and still has enough space on the grill to fit eight burgers simultaneously. Perfect for a BBQ road trip.


Price: £59.99

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Cock a doodle brew!

What is it: Beer Bird Chicken Rack


Claims to: Roast your chicken using the awesome power of BEER


Best for: We love barbecue chicken. We love beer. But which is best? There’s no need to fight… because this amazing gadget combines both. Simply crack open a tinny, shove the chicken on top, pop it in the BBQ with the lid down, wait for a couple of hours and hey presto! A delicious chicken infused with taste and succulence from your favourite brew.


Price: £12.99 from

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Wired for sound

What is it: Speaker Picnic Blanket


Claims to: Soundtrack your al fresco dinner


Best for: Relax on the grass with a playlist of your best summery tunes. Simply roll out the blanket, plug in your mp3 player and Bob’s your (groovy) uncle. Because, of course, what every barbecue needs is Gangnam Style on repeat in the background.


Price: £14.99 from

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Rainy day wonder

What is it: Fire Mountain Portable Electric Barbecue


Claims to: Allow you to barbecue indoors


Best for: The British weather is not the natural friend of the dedicated barbecue lover – but this neat electric grill means you can safely beat the driving rain and gale-force winds and enjoy the traditional barbie taste from the comfort of your own kitchen. Perhaps not one for the traditionalists.


Price: £89.99 from

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