Put the tahini and chickpeas down – there are other dips in town

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All the best food is bright pink

Like all sensible people, we love hummus. We love it in all its various forms, textures, beige shades and spellings. We love it heaped on a tortilla chip, scooped up with a pretzel or held triumphantly on top of a crudité


But there can be such a thing as too much hummus. Perhaps it's time to remember that there's a whole world of dips out there, just waiting to grace your buffet table. When the chips are down (and the carrot sticks, too), these dips will perk up any party. 

1. Broccomole

Yes it is broccoli guacamole, how did you guess? Forsaking the avocado might seem like a fool’s game, but this super green recipe has about a third of the calories your usual guac has, and can still be shovelled nicely onto a crisp.

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2. Creamy feta dip

A big (low) fat Greek dip that can be thrown together in minutes, this creamy feta and yogurt creation is like tzatziki with a cheese twist.


(You could dip a cheese twist in it, too.)

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Creamy feta dip

Photo: Dan Jones

3. Vegan spinach dip

Featuring vegan staples like cashew nuts and silken tofu as well as a whole heap of greenery, this creamy spinach dip is as stupendous as it is satisfying.

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Vegan spinach dip

Photo: norecipes.com

4. Celeriac and hazelnut ‘hummus’ 

It’s fine, we’re not cheating! This chunky, nutty dip uses hazelnut butter instead of tahini and celeriac instead of chickpeas – so it’s a distant cousin of hummus at best. A really delicious distant cousin.

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Celeriac and hazelnut ‘hummus’

Photo: Laura Edwards

5. Baba ghanoush

You might know it best as Hang-on-this-isn’t-hummus, but Middle Eastern favourite baba ghanoush is a dip legend in its own right. Smoky, smooth, garlicky goodness.

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6. Beetroot and walnut dip

It’s pink! And healthy. And pink! And earthy. Did we mention pink?

Get the recipe here.

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7. Pea, avocado and sweet onion dip

Proof that avocados can be a supporting act in other dips as well as the star of their own, this chunky pea puree is fresh, zingy and very, very green.

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8. Chilli and coriander dip

Punchy, herby, hot and cooling all at once, this chilli and coriander creation is everything you could want in a dip.


Unless what you want is ‘no coriander’, in which case keep on scrollin’.

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Chilli and coriander dip

Photo: Tara Fisher

9. Cheesy chilli dip

Can you put the word ‘dip’ on the end of almost any semi-liquid recipe and get away with sticking your crisps in it? Oh, you can? Brilliant. Here's a 'dip' made from ground sausage and melted cheese.

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10. Chunky guacamole

If hummus is the king of dips then guacamole is the cheeky prince of the picnic spread. With lots of onion, chilli and tomatoes, this classic recipe will have everyone playing ‘How much can you get on one tortilla chip?’.

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Chunky guacamole

Photo: Homemade

11. Broad bean and mint dip

Add mint and it instantly tastes like summer; that’s the culinary rule. This creamy green dip is also an excuse to spend some time podding broad beans, one of the most satisfying activities there is.

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Broad bean and mint dip

Photo: Homemade

12. Peanut sauce

This traditional Indonesian satay sauce is a labour of love, but all those ingredients will be worth it for the result. Prepare to dunk pretty much everything in sight. 

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13. Garlic and chive dip

Hey, the classics are the classics for a reason. This garlic and chive combo has been a favourite since dip records began, probably.

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Garlic and chive dip

Photo: Homemade

14. Hot cheesy corn dip

Hot, cheesy and corny, this scoop of Americana does exactly what it says on the tin. Except there isn't a tin because you're making it all yourself.

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15. Peanut butter dip

Because no matter how far-out, controversial and downright bonkers you think your latest idea for peanut butter use might be, you can guarantee someone else on the internet will already have thought of it. Ladies and gentlemen, peanut butter dip.

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Peanut butter dip

Photo: callmepmc.com

16. Butternut squash and goat's cheese dip

Don't like meaty dips? Don't worry! In the dip realm, pretty much all recipes are created equal – and meat avoiders can also marvel at how well butternut squash and goat's cheese go together, for once. Get the recipe here.

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17. Cookie dough dip

Sure, this chickpea cookie dough mixture might not fulfil all the normal dip criteria … but it's not hummus, so that's good enough for us.


Dip for pud, people! It's the future.

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