These Dr Seuss-inspired recipes will take you back to you childhood

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Green egg scramble – sadly this doesn't count as one of your five-a-day

These brilliant takes on Dr Seuss' classic children's book Green Eggs and Ham are guaranteed to turbo-charge your breakfast fun.


You'll be eating them in a box, with a fox, up a tree, here, there or anywhere.

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Scramble some up for a brighter breakfast

Thrill and delight the little ones by dishing up these bright green treats with their bacon. These only involve a dash of food colouring – the rest of the bold hue is from the green peppers.


If you're not keen on the whole food colouring thing, organic matcha powder (used to colour Japanese desserts) works just as well.


Make them into Easter party bites

OK, so these aren't technically green eggs at all. In fact, they're teeny yolks made of peas on little pieces of bread with serrano ham.


This recipe is pretty amazing and complicated, but the results are impressive. And delicious.

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Create mini masterpieces

These look more complicated than they actually are. They're basically fried quails' eggs with spinach purée and pancetta on teeny toasts!

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Bake them in the oven

These lovely little egg pots are bread-free and delicious.


Bake them in the oven with a big dollop of pesto, then add some tasty ham or bacon.


Get artisanal

Admittedly this is a more abstract interpretation of the book ... but just look how pretty it is!


This recipe will take you beyond breakfast heaven.

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