If you thought 59p for a Creme Egg was extortion check out how many carats you could be buying for your Easter bunny

Never in John Cadbury's wildest dreams, as he watched his first chocolate egg literally roll off the production line, could he have imagined that people would one day sprinkle them with 18-carat edible gold leaf and sell them for the price of a luxury car.  Oh how things have changed. 


But here we are, 140 years later, rounding up the most expensive chocolate Easter eggs of all time.

6. Selfridges gold bullion egg: £1,000

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In 2009 Selfridges teamed up with chocolatier Melt to make a very special dark chocolate Easter egg. Covered with 18-carat gold leaf and filled with salted caramels, the egg also contained one troy ounce of gold bullion in the form of a coin. Course it did.


With a value of £900, the coin was a particularly rare one no longer produced by the Royal Mint and thought to be recession-proof. In a neat piece of what some might call poetic justice, gold almost immediately lost value and the coin today is worth £850.


5. Sugar and Plumm's timekeeping Easter: £3,300

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Chocolatier Thierry Atlan created this edible gold masterpiece for New York restaurant Sugar and Plumm in 2014. Standing 30 inches (76cm) tall and weighing 40lbs (18kg), the egg came with a price tag of £3,300. Sugar and Plumm founder Lamia Jacobs announced: “The egg represents the universe, and all of these bunnies are running from the corners of the world trying to be on time for Easter.” What's wrong with just writing your name and be done with decoration?


4. Jacques Torres' 'We Are New York': £5,500

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Weighing in at 120lbs (55kg) and standing 30 inches (76cm) tall is "We Are New York", created by Jacques Torres in 2014 in an attempt to break the world record for the most expensive chocolate egg sold at auction. Lovingly crafted in milk chocolate, the egg depicts the New York skyline and was sold as part of the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt for an incredible £5,500. But even that price wasn't enough to break the record, which is still held by:


3. William Curley's golden egg: £7,000

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The title is still proudly held by London chocolatier William Curley, who sold this 50kg egg in 2012 for a staggering £7,000. The charity auction was again part of the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, and Curley's egg was covered with edible gold leaf and filled with chocolates, including muscovado caramel, Japanese black vinegar, rosemary and olive oil, toasted sesame and juniper berry and cassis.


2. Harrod's Shawish Geneva Surprise: £28,000

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Handcrafted by Swiss-chocolatier Philippe Pascoët, "The Shawish Geneva Surprise" is only 20cm x 12cm but weighs in at an eye-watering £28,000! Made of the finest Venuzeluan chocolate and dusted with real gold, the egg was sold exclusively at Harrods in 2014. Inside was Shawish's "dandy emerald mushroom" 18-carat white gold pendant set with 314 white diamonds and 64 emeralds. Obviously.


And the prize for the most expensive edible egg of all time goes to:


1. La Maison du Chocolat's Diamond Stella: £50,000

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The Diamond Stella egg went on sale in 2006 in the window of La Maison du Chocolat in Piccadilly, with a price tag of £50,000. Standing 65cm tall, the dark chocolate egg was filled with peach and apricot chocolates and pralines in the shape of fish. The exterior boasted 100 half-carat diamonds, making this the most expensive egg of all time. Congratulations Maison du Chocolat. Creme egg anyone?

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