Now Easter's finally here, we can't wait to recreate these eggs-cellent suggestions

If you've been throwing eggshells in the bin, stop right now. There are so many eggsisting (sorrynotsorry) and delicious things you can do with them – and what better time to try them out than Easter?


Cakes in eggs

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Looks just like a normal egg, but when you crack it open... it's a cake. Pretty cool, huh?


Scrambled eggs

What sorcery is this? Check out this video for how to scramble your egg inside the eggshell. It involves spinning it round in a pair of tights and we're off to try it out right now.


Rainbow jelly in eggs

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This one isn't a whizz-up-10-minutes-before-the-guests-arrive sort of recipe. For this, you'll probably need to take the afternoon off. But it's worth it, promise.


Seeds in eggs

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Practical and adorable. Feel like you're on The Good Life by planting seeds in empty egg shells. When they're ready to move outside, gently crush the egg and put the whole thing in the ground – the shell will add to the nutrients in the soil. 


Chocolate mousse in eggs

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This one looks super-impressive for an Easter party – just whizz up a mousse, pipe it into empty eggshells and then leave it in the fridge to set.


Flowers in eggs

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A simple table setting that's guaranteed to impress guests. It's easy to create and gorgeous to look at.


Message in an egg

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This is a sweet and original way to give someone a little Easter message.


Candles in eggs

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Another beautiful idea to brighten up an Easter table. These candles are made with lavender, so they smell wonderful and are surprisingly easy to create. What are you waiting for?


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