Easter doesn't have to be a bore if you're gluten-free: these awesome recipes will save the day

Easter can be tough if you're gluten-free. But you can eat all of these recipes – which just so happy to also be super-tempting. Get the oven on!


1. Toasted coconut meringue nests

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Easter wouldn't be the same without a nest-inspired bake. This coconut meringue version ticks all the boxes and uses just six ingredients.


2. Chocolate babka

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Easter means chocolate, and this sweet treat has a generous swirl of rich, chocolatey filling running through it. We could pretend this babka will last for days, but we all know it'll be gone in seconds.


3. Edible Easter lambs

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Feeling crafty? These sweet lambs are made using a chocolate Creme Egg as the base, then finished off with some serious piping skills.


4. Homemade creme eggs

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The upside of making these homemade creme eggs? People will think you're a culinary genius. Just make sure the Easter bunny doesn't steal them all.


5. Chocolate-dipped marshmallows

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These Easter treats couldn't be easier to make: melt some dark chocolate, dip it in your marshmallows, dunk it in sprinkles and you're done. 


6. Easter chick cupcakes

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Transform a batch of gluten-free cupcakes into these cute Easter chicks. With a dusting of sanding sugar and some carefully-placed frosting you'll be done in two shakes of a lamb's tail.


7. Hot cross buns

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Hot cross buns

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Hot-cross buns sum up Easter baking, but they're usually off the menu for gluten-free types. Not any more.


8. Chocolate speckled egg cake

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This pretty Easter cake can be made with a vanilla sponge base of your choice. Just make sure it's a gluten-free version, then get busy frosting and splattering chocolate everywhere.


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