Celebrate the long Easter weekend with delicious food that just happens to be healthier too. From fruit-flecked hot cross buns to a 500-calorie roast lunch with all the trimmings, these hand-picked healthier recipes are better than Easter eggs. We promise.

Image: 16 delicious Easter recipes that are accidentally healthy

Fill your Easter weekend with healthier recipes, including giant Yorkshire puds with all the trimmings, perfectly crunchy roast potatoes, decadent strawberry fraisier cakes and fluffy hot cross buns. These gorgeous Easter recipes are all under 500 calories per serving, so you can forgive yourself for that extra Easter egg. 


1. Rosé roast chicken

Don't just drink rosé. Add a glass to your standard roast chicken recipe to make the meat a little fruity and extra juicy. For an alcohol-free version, try marinating roast chicken in buttermilk overnight for more deliciousness. Get the recipe for rosé roast chicken.


2. Spiral vegetable tart

Clear your afternoon to make a stunning vegetable tart with butternut squash, courgette and aubergine. You won't regret it. It's not just healthier than a quiche, it's vegan too. Whoop whoop! Get the recipe for spiral vegetable tart.


3. 500-calorie Easter roast

Is it possible to have an elaborate roast lunch with tender buttermilk chicken, golden Yorkshire puds, creamy dauphinoise and veggies on the side for under 500 calories? The short answer to that question is YES. Get all the recipes for a 500-calorie Easter roast dinner.


4. Vegan cottage pie

Mushrooms, lentils and a splash of sticky balsamic vinegar make this vegan cottage pie taste like comfort in a casserole. And it counts towards 4 of your 5 a day. Just try resisting that crispy potato topping. Impossible. Get the recipe for vegan cottage pie.

5. Roast potato and parsnip cake

Ditch the traditional roast potatoes for a spectacular roast potato cake (yes, cake) made with roasted baby potatoes, parsnip and whole roasted garlic cloves. Get the recipe for roast potato and parsnip cake.


6. Tear-and-share hot cross buns

No need to get cross over the last hot cross bun. There will be plenty to go around this Easter when you make these tear-and-share hot cross buns that are under 200 calories each. Use up leftovers to make hot cross bun croutons and sprinkle over ice cream. Get the recipe for tear-and-share hot cross buns.


7. Cauliflower cheese croquettes

Japanese panko breadcrumbs make these cauliflower cheese croquettes super crunchy. And because they're baked and not fried, they happily make it on our list of devilishly decadent yet healthier recipes. Get the recipe for cauliflower cheese croquettes.


8. Giant Yorkshire pudding

This giant Yorkshire pudding is the perfect vessel for your scrumptious roast dinner. And you don't even need a special dish to make them – just a standard cake tin will do. Our logic is that the bigger the Yorkshire pudding, the more room there is for all the trimmings. Agreed? Get the recipe for giant Yorkshire pudding


9. Spiced whole roasted cauliflower

There's so much you can do with the humble cauliflower – from squidgy chocolate cakes to perfect pizzas and plump samosas. We're adding a beautifully spiced whole roasted cauliflower to this list, just in case you're vegetarian, vegan, or just plain hungry. Get the recipe for spiced whole roasted cauliflower.


10. Polenta roast potatoes

Polenta is the secret ingredient that elevates traditional roast potatoes to crunchy perfection. And because they're cooked in vegetable oil, they're healthier, too. Get the recipe for polenta roast potatoes.


11. Blueberry French toast muffins

Of course you can make muffins healthier. Give them the French toast treatment and swap sugar for maple syrup. Simples. These little gems are under 150 calories each. Get the recipe for blueberry French toast muffins.


12. Celeriac dauphinoise

The trick to making healthier dauphinoise is to use celeriac instead of potatoes. Celeriac has nearly half the amount of carbohydrates as potatoes, and they taste just as creamy and decadent when cooked with low-fat crème fraîche and semi-skimmed milk. Get the recipe for celeriac dauphinoise.


13. Traditional strawberry fraisier cake

Go on, grab yourself a slice. It's only 273 calories per serving. Get the recipe for strawberry fraisier cake


14. Roast beef with a mustard crust

If you love the crispy bits, cover your roast beef with a punchy mustard crust and let the oven do the rest of the work. Serve with roasted veggies and silky smooth gravy. Get the recipe for roast beef with a mustard crust


15. Beetroot and potato boulangère

Looking for a stunning side that's as good as the main event? Look no further. Wafer thin slices of beetroot and potatoes baked in vegetable stock make this a vibrant side that will probably steal the show. Get the recipe for beetroot and potato boulangère


16. Mushroom bourguignon with celeriac mash

A well-made stew is a thing of beauty. This vegetarian dish is made delicious with mushroom broth, Chantenay carrots, burgundy wine and served with fluffy celeriac mash. It takes just 10 minutes to prep, which makes it perfect for a long weekend of feasting. Get the recipe for mushroom bourguignon with celeriac mash.