There's something in the water… and it's delicious

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Image: 12 exciting water infusions for people who don't like water


Water. Can’t live without it, can’t… well, that’s pretty much it. But while many of us are happy chugging eight glasses of the plain stuff a day, plenty of others would rather shrivel like a prune than swap their tea, squash or pop for a glass of nature’s finest.


“It tastes of nothing!” is both the argument for and against water – but what if it did taste of something? From summer fruits and fragrant botanicals to creative additions from the back of the pantry, these lovely infusions will hydrate even the most hardened water-phobe.


They look mighty pretty in a picture, too.


1. Raspberry, vanilla and rose

Heady, floral and fragrant, this next-level infusion will leave you feeling fully in the pink. 

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2. Blackberry and sage

Here’s some sage advice: drink more water. This botanical combo is so pretty, you’ll be knocking back your RDA in no time.

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3. Lemon and coriander water

Sure, ‘cilantro’ sounds far more glamorous – but putting coriander in water is enough of a surprise for the average Brit.

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4. Melon, cucumber and mint water

Cool, cool, cool. Three ingredients make for maximum refreshment in this super-fresh infusion.

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5. Watermelon-infused water

So much less sticky than actually trying to eat watermelon, this is summer in a cup.

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6. Pineapple sugar cane water

Chances are you’re probably not going to have sugar cane just rattling around in your cupboards. But if you do happen to come across some, you know exactly which refreshing beverage you’ll be making with it.

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7. Clementine, chamomile and lavender water

A soothing, floral meadow of a drink that’ll leave you so relaxed, you’ll probably spill some. 

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8. Strawberry, watermelon and mint

Put this beautiful, fruity jug of wonder water on the table and everyone will immediately forget alcoholic cocktails even exist.

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9. Cucumber, jalapeño and mint water

Fruit isn’t the only food with the power to infuse, you know. What could shout “summer” louder than water with a kick of chilli? And hey, if you accidentally make it too strong then it’ll probably encourage you to drink more of the plain stuff. 

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10. Grapefruit and rosemary water

It might not be a combo that immediately leaps to mind when you're making lunch, but the sharp tang of grapefruit and the herbal hum of rosemary actually create very moreish water.

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11. Strawberry lemon basil water

Strawberry and basil are definitely the sophisticated person's favourite summer flavours. And for the less classy among us, this also turns the water a lovely shade of pink.

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