Staying on the wagon needn't be a drag. Try these alcohol-free reboots on boozy drinks

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Image: Autumn mocktails you'll still want to cheers

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If, after mainlining G&Ts for the past few months, you've decided to stay sober in October then you're probably wondering how you are going to socialise for the next month.


Don't worry, it needn't all be miserable. We've thought of some delicious ways you can be smugly alcohol-free.


Apple faketini

Look! You can make the most of seasonal fruit without drowning it in alcohol. While everyone else is busy hiding flavours in their drinks, try this recipe from Rachel Cooks and bask in the spicy cinammon warmth (perfect for autumn) of your new favourite drink.

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Grapefruit and rosemary spritzer

Now you've hung up your drinking boots you can afford to chuck away the rule book. Why not get experimental with some warming flavours fresh from the herb garden? This recipe from a Cozy Kitchen is the perfect union of earthy and tart. Just right for autumn.

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Hot cranberry orange wassail

If you have absolutely no idea what a wassail is, don't feel perplexed. In fact, you could tell your fellow partygoers that in old English it means 'be healthy' to distract them from the fact you're not drinking. Over time it became a synonym for 'hot cider.' Now Carossel has made this spicy, warming drink that will seduce even the most hardcore boozehound.

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Ginger and blueberry shrub

"What is a shrub?" we hear you ask. It's not a graden thing, it's an old fashioned recipe of fruit, sugar and vinegar left to develop into a tasty beverage. Once used as a sort of medicine, its syrupy taste makes for an indulgent, grown up sort of drink. This recipe from Food in Jars incorporates seasonal blueberries and spicy ginger. Well worth the wait. 

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The nohito

Distract yourself from a lack of alcohol with a minty, zingy drink. This sin-free mojito recipe will give you a taste of Cuba with none of the headache.

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Bottoms up!



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