It's time to clutch the last of the warm weather with some java deliciousness

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Image: DIY iced coffee ideas for top notch summer

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Dedicated follower of cold-brew coffee?


Totally with you. Smooth, ice-cold and delicious, it's the pick-me-up summer drink that dreams are made of. 


Putting together a really good glass of the stuff is a lot easier than it looks. And you don't have to stick to the tried and tested formula of milk and beans – you get to mix it up. 


From coconut-topped to Vietnamese-style, try one of these over the weekend for a caffeine hit with style: 

1. Vietnamese-style iced coffee

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Sweet, condensed milk-laden iced coffee is a Vietnamese staple, and the creamy dairy blending into blackness is an Instagram snap waiting to happen. Get the recipe here.


2. Minty iced coffee

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Hello, refreshment. A herby syrup brings this to sprightly life. Click here for the recipe.


3. Boozy iced coffee


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Perhaps not Monday morning fare, but when you fancy the liquid equivalent of a disco nap, this is exactly what you need. See how to make it here. 


4. Vanilla iced coffee

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Like your cold brew on the sweet side? Then a trickle of vanilla bean syrup (homemade, natch) is what you need. Try out this recipe over the weekend – it'll take a little longer than the rest. 


5. Coconut-topped iced coffee

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Exotic flavours meld in this long, tall drink that's perfect for beachside-style sipping. Even if you are just in your kitchen. It's all about the power of the imagination, people. Grab the how-to here

Fancy more summer-perfect recipes? Consult our summer recipe scrapbook for all the inspiration you need.