Getting you through the winter week one smoothie at a time

Winter smoothies are a thing. Here are seven genius smoothie ideas, one to get you through every day of the bleak midwinter week.

1. Winter greens smoothie

Raw vegetables might not be the first thing you reach for in the winter months but those greens will be the perfect antidote to the last few weeks of eating Toblerone / trifle / chocolate Santas for breakfast. Any greens will do – spinach, kale, even broccoli – then add apples and pears, coconut water and bit of ginger to give it a warming kick. Try recipes here, here and here (mason jars optional).

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2. Gingerbread smoothie

If there's any old gingerbread around the house whizz it into this smoothie. If not you'll need coconut milk, frozen bananas, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ground ginger and some vanilla extract for this warming winter treat. Lots of smoothie recipes call for frozen bananas. Our tip: peel a pile of ripe bananas, tear into chunks then freeze in a ziplock bag. Genius.

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3. Chai tea smoothie

You can either do this one the easy way or the advanced way. If you've already got a chai teabag you love, simply brew that in the milk of your choice (dairy, almond or coconut all work great), let it chill in the fridge and then blend with frozen banana chunks and vanilla extract. For an extra kick try adding powdered ginger, cinnamon and tiny dash of pepper, cardamom, ground cloves, and nutmeg.

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4. Carrot cake smoothie

A smoothie that's also a cake? Yes please. It's pretty simple to make with all the flavour of a proper carrot cake. You'll need carrots, raisins, cinnamon, vanilla and banana. Check out the recipes here and here

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5. Apple pie

Another dessert smoothie?! We're being spoiled. As well as apples this one involves cider (sugar-free) or apple juice. Then you can go for the dairy-free option and use bananas as a thickener, or throw in some yoghurt for some winter sustenance.

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6. Brilliant blueberry smoothie

Just look at that for a burst of colour! We want that as a snuggly throw let alone a drink. Anyway, all the health hipsters are sticking flax seeds, almonds, yoghurt, spinach and matcha green tea in theirs. Fancy some? Try one of these recipes. Crave something simpler? This almond milk and blueberry recipe is easy-peasy as well as being gluten- and dairy-free.

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7. Almond and pear smoothie

Ah the neglected pear, too often left till last in the fruit bowl, but such a good winter fruit. Combine it with almond milk, almonds, and banana, or yogurt. This recipe recommends peppermint, and this one almond butter if you can get your hands on it, and a dash of cinammon for good measure.

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Got a fabulous recipe for a winter smoothie? Share it in the comments below