It'll be Pimm's o'clock all day with this array of splendiferous summer recipes

Pimm's isn't just for the pitcher – turns out, it goes with pretty much anything. 


1. Pimm's granita

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Pimm's granita

Via: Homemade

Sort of like a crunchy sorbet. We're loving the sunny yellow colour.


2. Pimm's trifle

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Pimm's trifle

Via: Homemade

No trifling matter. This boozy number is ready in 10 minutes.


3. Pimm's cup traybake

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Pimm's cup traybake

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Maja Smend

​Cut into squares and share around...


4. Pimm's cupcakes

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Pimm's cupcakes

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Ria Osborne

...or make cupcakes!


5. Pimm's layer cake

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A classic sponge cake with trendy ombré icing.


6. Pimm's pops

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A double whammy when served with the drink.


7. Pimm's pies

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One way to get quite literally pie-eyed.


8. Pimm's iced tea sangria

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Pimm's ice tea

Via: Katherine Hysmith/

This kind of ice tea is only for grown-ups.


9. Pimm's drizzle cake

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Hopefully, it'll be the cake that's drizzly – not the weather.


10. Strawberry and Pimm's tarts

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With a cucumber glaze, you can't get more British.


11. Pimmalova

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​If you love pavlova, you'll love this.


12. Strawberry Pimm's jam

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For toast, crumpets, jam tarts and dodgers... the list goes on and on.


13. Pimm's crumble

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We'll be needing a big spoon.


14. Pimm's cocktail truffles

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Pimm's Truffles

Via: Paul A Young/

Delicious chocolate balls of Pimm's-flavoured ganache.  Oh, what sweet joy. 


15. Pimm's biscuit

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Hold the tea – we know what to drink these with.


16. Pimm's macaroons

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Why didn't we think of this?


17. Pimm's chicken traybake

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​Juicy chicken thighs with a fruity, sticky glaze. That's dinner sorted then.


18. Pimm's jellies

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Pimm's jellies

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Brett Stevens


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