From cookies and cake to blondies and more cake, the newest puddings have their finger on the pulse

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Image: Why chickpeas should be your new favourite dessert (no really)

Jules / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: stone-soup

They might not be the most immediately obvious thing to eat for pudding, but chickpeas are the latest wonder ingredient to find their way into our baking. High in protein and fibre, and naturally low in fat, they can stand in for butter and flour, deliver moisture, texture and richness without a deluge of calories, and actually taste pretty decent while they're at it.


Here's a selection of great recipes to help convince you that those little round legumes are for life, not just for hummus. As John and Yoko (nearly) sang, give chickpeas a chance ...

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1. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough bites

There's a lot of room for confusion with Texan Erin's non-raw baked cookie dough bites (so ... er, 'cookies' then). But of two things we can be certain: 1) they're chock-full of chickpeas and 2) they look mighty squidgy. 


NB: peanut butter and chickpeas are a match made in health food heaven – but you'll usually find they need chocolate or some other treaty flavouring to stop the whole thing ending up as a big heap of beige.


2. Honey almond roasted chickpeas

Proof that the list of chickpeas + honey + nut butter formations are, if not quite endless, then at least longer than just one item, these moreish roasted beans from Running with Spoons are a sweet-toothed snacker's dream. 


Prediction: soon, roasted chickpeas will be the new gourmet popcorn. Just you wait and see.

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3. Cookie dough freezer fudge

Gluten-free, naturally-sweetened and frozen (because why the heck not?), this nifty chickpea creation from Coconut Almond Recipes is one for people who aren't afraid to look cookie dough in the face and ask, "yes ... but how can we ALSO turn this into fudge?"


Those people, we salute you. 


4. Gluten-free chocolate chickpea cake

Is there anything people haven't tried to put in chocolate cake yet? Dense, moist and filling in the most virtuous way, this recipe by 52 Kitchen Adventures promises to be everything we want in a chocolate cake (including taste absolutely nothing like hummus).

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5. Chocolate chip chickpea blondies

Peanut butter and chickpeas are reunited again in a love story for the ages, Ambitious Kitchen's flourless chocolate chip chickpea blondiesThey're vegan, gluten-free, packed with protein – and, like all good romances, sweet but not too sweet.


Unlike all good romances, they'll be around for a couple of days if you're lucky.

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6. Chocolate chickpea brownies

Since we can all agree that the best brownie is a fudgey brownie, packing them with chickpeas doesn't seem too much of a leap. 


The Roasted Root have used coconut sugar, coconut milk and raw cacao alongside the chickpeas in this rich, dark brownie recipe, which practically makes it a salad.


7. Chocolate chip chickpea cheesecake

It's probably better to tell them the "cheese" in Namely Marly's beautiful chocolate chip cheesecake is actually made from vegan cheese substitute and whipped chickpeas after they've tucked in and told you how delicious it is, not before.


The Oreos in the base are real Oreos, though! So there's that.  

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