Because a barbecue is still a dinner party and you have a pudding duty


Grilled pineapple with lime and bourbon

Heston's spit-roasted pineapple is a star feature on the menu at his Dinner restaurant, but caramelised pineapple on the barbie is just as good. Cut into chunks, brush with spicy bourbon syrup and griddle until charred and sticky. 

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Image: Grilled pineapple

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Brett Stevens


Grilled espresso-glazed doughnuts

Sweet and coffee-infused, these are exactly what you want after an all-day burger party. And of course you can use ready-made doughnuts – you're not a magician – which means these bad boys will be ready in 15 minutes. Bam. 

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Roasted rhubarb with maple syrup

Don't overlook rhubarb as a barbecue treat: look at yourself, you're drinking cocktails out of a watermelon. This pink pud can hold its own without a crumble. Cut into lengths, wrap it in lightly greased foil and turn on the barbie until soft. Divine drizzled with maple syrup or light acacia honey.

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Image: Roasted rhubarb

Via: Homemade


Grilled berry pizza

Who said pizza had to be savoury? We love this fruity beauty. True, it's a sharing pud, but that's OK. We're betting that after a hot day on the G&Ts and finally convincing Granny to get involved in the human pyramid for the best Instagram photo ever, you'll be in a 'high-fiving the neighbour over the garden fence' type of mood. Everyone can slice up and tuck in. 

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Orange cupcakes

Did you know you can cook a cupcake inside an orange? Well, you can. It isn't a chic option, we know, but we'll always love a dish with novelty value. 

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Blueberry, brie and lemon curd grilled cheese

We love this new take on a grilled cheese sandwich: gooey, melting Brie, juicy blueberries and a touch of lemon curd for tangy tart sweetness. It's essentially cheesecake on toast, a combination of two fabulous dishes. Savoury desserts are a big food trend after all. 

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Barbecue banana split

Barbecues and bananas make a fabulous team, so grill up your fruit and top with your favourite gelato – or, better yet, set up a little pudding station where the kids can decorate theirs in whatever sprinkles, whipped cream and chocolate chips they like. Now all you need is a guaranteed day of sun. Good luck. 

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barbecue banana split

Via: Homemade


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