It's Victorian week on The Great British Bake Off! Here's how you can join in the fun from the comfort of your own home without having to cook a pigeon

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Image: Watching Bake Off tonight? Don't get jel(ly), make this for dessert instead.

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It's week seven of The Great British Bake Off and each challenge in tonight's episode will, for the first time in GBBO history, focus on dishes from one era: the Victorians. That's right, readers; we've got ourselves a Bake Off first! Probably best you call in sick on Thursday to deal with the shock.


The first challenge will have the contestants baking an 1800s classic game pie. That's pheasant, pigeon and pastry, for the uninitiated. The key to making this is ensuring the pheasant and the pigeon are properly cooked, and the crust is beautifully decorated. Easy peasy. We hear on the grapevine that one contestant even uses a genuine antique from 1850 to get the job done. It's you, isn't it Ian? 


Next up and it's time for the dreaded technical challenge. Mary Berry has set up a belter: a traditional fruit cake. But this isn't your average Christmas-time pud, because the recipe provided is genuinely Victorian. From the 1800s. So it's more than 200 years out of date. Naughty Mary. 


The final bake – the showstopper – will see contestants making charlotte russe (we didn't know what it was either). After a quick Google search, it appears to be a dessert made up of bavarois (a very thick Bavarian cream) topped with a layer of jelly and encased in a wall of sweet sponge fingers.


So is all this talk of GBBO making you hungry yet? We know there's nothing worse than watching the contestants bake while you've got nothing to munch on. Get into the Victorian spirit of things and knock up these pre-show individual boozy trifles. It's no charlotte russe, but it's got cream, it's got jelly and it's got fruit. Plus, if you decorate the trifles with strawberries, they'll look just as beautiful. You know Mary would approve of that splash of Pimm's, too.


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