Why didn't we know about this before?

When it comes to sweet treats, by and large, we totally beat our American cousins. Every time. 


Their chocolate is weird, as a rule. Their biscuits rarely, if ever, contain a layer of jam (which they describe, inaccurately, as 'jelly'). And they seem to believe that layering up cheap peanut butter, faux marshmallow, aforementioned crumbly, chalky chocolate and crushed crackers in a Mount Everest of saccharine stickiness is preferable to the simple elegance of a lemon tart. They're wrong.  


But then... then we discovered that the US of A had invemted something that might just heal their broken pudding reputation. 


It's called 'Piecaken.' 


Literally an entire pie baked inside a cake batter and adorned with icing, it's the double whammy super indulgence we never knew we needed. 


Here's some recipes for making this delicacy in your own home. Happy cooking. 


1. The pumpkin piecaken 

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Nothing has ever sounded better than this. Pumpkin pie, encased in a milk chocolate fudge cake. We repeat: pumpkin pie, encased in a milk chocolate fudge cake. This is probably the pinnacle of human achievement – we can all just go home now. 


Follow me for the recipe


2. The berry piecaken 

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It seems a defunct thing to say when you're making a cake-encased pie, but the tartness of the berries cuts through the sweetness of the sponge. Ahem.


Here's how to make it 


3. The cupcaken 

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Mini piecakens! Because everything's better mini. Plus, with way less batter to bake, these baby beauties are ready in a quarter of the time. Winner winner. 


Click here for the recipe


4. The vanilla and peach piecaken

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A little less OOO on the sweetness, this fruity number melds with smokey vanilla beans for a piecaken that's out of this stratosphere. 


Here's the recipe


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