Frosted nights mean one thing: custard-covered treats aren't just allowed, they're practically law

Frosted leaves, glowing candles, ice-laced fields: there's plenty to love about winter. But perhaps the best thing of all? 


The excuse to overdose on warm, custard-covered puddings. Treacle tart, sticky toffee, bread-and-butter… it's their time to shine. 


But why not mix them up a little? Paint them with a slick of contemporary flair? 


From next-level sponges to brioche and lemon curd madness, these are desserts dreams are made of. 


1. Lemon curd with blueberry bread and butter pudding 

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A lick of tangy curd and a scatter of berries over sliced brioche with a rich vanilla custard? Heaven. And a touch more luxe than the version your mum makes.


2. Sticky toffee pudding cake 

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Dates, sponge and a wicked melt of butterscotch sauce are great in this post-Sunday-roast classic. But take all those elements and work them into a cake (with a bonus of caramalised white chocolate icing) and, my friend, you have just gone to a whole other place. 


3. Apple, orange and damson sponge puddings

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Via: Kate Whitaker

Sponge: good. Custard: good. A dash of damson, apple and orange fruity flavours whizzed in there? Divine.


4. Vegan blueberry and blackberry crumble

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The joy of a simple crumble is, perhaps, unbeatable. But this version, glistening with jewels of fruit, is vegan – not to mention gluten and refined sugar-free. So pretty much anyone can eat it. Dinner party win. 


5. Treacle tart with brown butter, rosemary and lemon

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Drenched in golden syrup and with a gloriously chewy edge, treacle tart is the pudding of the gods. Add a herby, fragrant element with the addition of a little chopped rosemary, and you've got a totally modern take. 

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