The retro kiddies' dessert has come over all sophisticated

Park all thoughts of hundred-and-thousands scattered over strawberry jelly dished up with a melting pool of vanilla ice-cream on the side. Your favourite nostalgia-spiked treat has undergone a serious revamp.


Yes, from savoury interpretations at fancy eateries (the London Japanese Engawa is serving a cubed ponzu version with a super-luxe kobe beef dish) to the wobbly works of jelly sculptors, Bompas & Parr, (responsible for the stack of glow-in-the-dark miniatures at DJ Mark Ronson's 33rd birthday party, don't you know) the retro dessert has stepped off the buffet table and into the realm of sophistication. 


Fancy getting in on the trend? 


Then we give you: some seriously good ideas to try at home. All that's required are a few sheets of gelatin, a bottle of something tasty, seasonal summer fruits and herbs.


Wibble-wobble never sounded so good.   


1. Prosecco jelly

This fizzy-drenched concoction is a lesson in the art of wobbly prettiness. Scatter with edible flowers and fresh mint leaves for a touch of extra pizzazz. 

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2. Mojito jelly 

Kitsch and brilliant, this recipe pours a rum/lime/mint mix into lime wedges. Party perfect. 

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3. Strawberry, elderflower and prosecco jellies

Packed with fresh berries, these adorable minis are just what August needs. Too good. 

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4. Gin and tonic jelly 

Oh, yes. G&T goodness that will go down a total treat at your next dinner party. Or, you know, just Friday night. Why not? 

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5. Pimm's jelly

Has anything ever looked more wonderfully seasonal? Make this fast, before summer runs away. 

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