It’s pâtisserie week on Bake Off, and it’s pretty much all anyone can talk about

The dark art of pâtisserie involves lots of complicated words, which makes it tricky to dissect Bake Off's semi-final with your colleagues/friends/old ladies on the bus. So here’s the ultimate cheat sheet on how to talk like a pâtisserie pro – you're welcome.


Crème pâtissière

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A thick custard made from eggs, milk, sugar and corn starch, which is then enriched in butter. It’s a health food, essentially.


Crème anglaise

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Basically just custard, but with a French accent. 



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Whipped cream with vanilla and sugar, which is seriously good piped into choux pastry. How could that be anything but lip-smackingly delicious?


Choux pastry 

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A light, crisp pastry dough made by heating butter and flour, then adding milk and eggs, which can be used for profiteroles, éclairs and croque-en-bouche. Pretty fancy pants, right?



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Layers of razor-thin puff pastry filled with cream. Have you noticed a trend developing? Yep. We think the French might like cream.



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Although it sounds a bit like something that babies wear, we assure you that, actually, it's an apricot or raspberry glaze used to cover pastries.



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Sliced almonds combined with a sugar syrup and allowed to harden. Can be made into really impressive 'I'm going to win this' shapes.


Pâté feuilletée

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The French – and therefore correct, in this case – name for puff pastry. You might get some funny looks for using this one, so be prepared.


Religieuse à l'ancienne

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Three tiers of choux pastry éclair filled with crème pâtissière, then beautifully iced and decorated with butter cream. If it sounds insanely complicated, that’s because it is. Many a contestant came unstuck with these in series 6.



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Via: Instagram/kaanina

A small pastry made of a twisted strip of puff pastry coated with nuts and sugar. It’s on the more ‘rustic’ looking end of the pâtisserie world, so it’s great for beginners (or the inept). 



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An elegant little pudding made by layering ingredients in a small glass. Do not call it a trifle if you want to make it out of the pâtisserie kitchen unscathed. This is not a drill.



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A tart made of fruit – typically cherries – baked in a thick flan-like batter. You had us at ‘thick flan-like batter’.


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