It's nearly time for the greatest showdown of all: the Great British Bake Off's season six finale. Here's what to eat while watching …

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Image: Here’s what to eat when watching the GBBO final tonight

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After 27 challenges, 11 tearful goodbyes and 10 nights sat in front of the telly promising yourself that this is the year you finally buy a cooling rack, tonight the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2015 will be revealed.


Nervous? Have a biscuit, you’ll be fine.


The final showdown

For the first challenge, finalists Nadia, Ian and Tamal will tackle that wonderful after-school classic; filled iced buns. Far from the hot dog roll slathered in pink icing you find at the local bakery, the sugary treats produced must be nothing short of spectacular, covered in just the right amount of icing with fluffy, perfectly cooked centres.


Next, it’s time for the technical task and this one is magnificently cruel. Contestants must face their fears by returning to a bake they struggled with previously on the show, with all of them hoping to nail their baking nemesis. There will be tears. We can’t wait.


Finally, it’s time for the last challenge of the series. At Homemade, we were placing bets on what exceptionally niche baking extravaganza would be selected as a theme for the final showstopper task, but it turns out it’s pretty simple: contestants must bake a traditional British cake.

Yep, a cake.


What kind of devilish game are you playing, Mary?


Get this in the oven

Viewers, you don’t need to spend your evening folding tears into a sponge mix while your trembling hands can barely hold the spoon – but it would be nice to watch the finale with a plate of something sweet, wouldn't it? Make this easy Victoria sandwich loaf with strawberries and cream before you eat dinner and the cake will be ready by the time you want dessert. It takes a mere 20 minutes to prepare and you only need to bake one sponge to get a three-tiered treat.


Place your bets and get the kettle on, it’s tea time.

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British bakery

Via: Lord William Chard / CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 / Via: Wikimedia Commons


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