What's better than biscuits? Biscuits drowning in chocolate, that's what.

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Photo: Sainsbury's 

Wednesday. Day of mid-week Meh-I-wish-it-was-Thursday-itus and … The Great British Bake Off


There's a lot to love about bunting-and-banter-festooned show, but bringing light to the otherwise joyless hump that is Wednesday just might be the best part about it. 


One way to increase your enjoyment of an hour of Mary's daring bombers, Paul's overly-gelled quiff and the inevitable cake melt down even further? 


Add a homemade snack into the mix. 


This pistachio and cranberry-studded chocolate fridge cake is quick, delicious and even makes use of tonight's star ingredient: the biscuit. 


Don't say we don't spoil you.

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