The Bake Off has been giving some of our favourite bakes a thoroughly modern makeover so far this series. We've taken a trip down pudding nostalgia lane ...

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Image: 9 poshed-up puddings from your childhood

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From lemon meringue pie like your gran never made to an Angel Delight that's strictly for grown-ups, here are some of the best 90s desserts that have been brought bang up to date ...


Magnum Viennetta Parfait

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Viennetta parfait

Chris Pople / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: 60173925@N06​

All hail the Viennetta! A textural sensation and practically perfect pudding (special shout-out to the biscuit variety, crunchy high point of many a 90s weekend), we didn't think it could be bettered until we saw the Magnum Viennetta Parfait from Notting Hill restaurant The Shed.


Rippled with salted caramel and layers of devilishly dark chocolate, it's so schmancy we can even forget our perpetual disappointment that the brown plastic tray wasn't made from solid chocolate. Almost. 



Peanut Butter Arctic Roll

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PB Arctic roll

Via: YouTube / SORTED Food

Back in the 90s, Arctic Roll was a pudding, peanut butter was a toast accoutrement and never the twain would meet. Fast-forward a couple of decades and a cross-Atlantic Reese's invasion and now there's basically no edible treat left that hasn't been pimped up with a big ol' dollop of nut butter. 


This Arctic roll from the SORTED boys is swirled with smooth PB and stuffed with a handful of Yankee Doodle candy, proving that the special relationship between America and the UK is alive and well... on our plates, at least. 


Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie

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When we were kids, we knew what we were getting with lemon meringue pie. It was sharp, it was sticky, it was chewy and it usually bore little resemblance to either lemons or meringues as we knew them – a bit like eating a giant, jammy cloud. And you were about as likely to find a vegan version as you were to make it as a world yo-yo champ or sell that rare Pokemon card for a thousand pounds. 


But this is 2016, and now nobody gets left behind! The egg-free 'meringue' on top of this lemon pie by Afarin Majidi for Superfoods RX is made from – wait for it – sugar and chickpea brine. No, really. It might be enough to make Mary Berry weep, but we're happy to welcome it into the fold.


Here's how to make your own vegan meringues with chickpea water. Just FYI


Browned Butter Bourbon Butterscotch Pudding

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Before there was salted caramel, we had butterscotch. Remember butterscotch? Revive all those warm, Werther's Original-ly feelings with this fancy pudding recipe from Cookies and Cups.


Of course, we've all put bourbon in butterscotch pudding before, but that was a chocolate biscuit dunked in a bowl of Angel Delight – not this boozy, buttery bowlful of joy. A total upgrade. 


Fruit Cocktail Dump Cake

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You don't see fruit cocktail much these days, do you? In fact the words 'fruit cocktail' are far more likely to mean strawberries muddled with gin and botanicals than a bowl full of vaguely discernible pear chunks floating in syrup. 


But anyone nostalgic for the days when your five a day came out of a tin will be glad to know people are still getting creative with fruit cocktail. Like this 'dump cake' from blogger Shaken Together, which tops it with a layer of cake mix and nuts to make something akin to the world's most colourful crumble.


Quick, let's start a revival.


Baked Banana

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The scene: it's summer; it's hot. You retire to the patio after a long, productive day of super soaker fights, double-dutch skipping contests and dropping water balloons on unsuspecting neighbours from upstairs windows. And what delight awaits you on the barbecue? A grilled banana, that's what! Filled with oozy chocolate buttons and molten marshmallows, it's the most exciting thing to come wrapped in foil since the athletes at the 96 Olympics.


Back to modern times, and this brûléed baked banana from @ Kokken is about five times fiddlier than the BBQ classic – but it will look a whole lot more attractive on Instagram.


Coconut Black Rice Breakfast Pudding

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If there's one pudding that deserves a grown-up PR campaign, it's rice pudding. So maligned, so misunderstood. So claggy and thickly covered in skin that all the jam in the world couldn't save it.


But beyond the UK, rice pudding is (and has always been) a whole different story. Spiked with cardamom, coconut, rosewater, pistachio, ginger, mango and other beautiful flavours, Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern-inspired rice puds are about as far away from the sad pot of gloop in your lunchbox as it's possible to get. Put yourself in rice pudding rehab with this black rice breakfast pudding from My New Roots.


Yep, breakfast. What WOULD your mum say?


Kendal Mint Cake Choc Ice

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Mint choc ice

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Definitely in the top five items that are fun to disassemble with your teeth, a humble choc ice might be the poor, paper-wrapped relation of glitzier options like Magnums and Feast bars, but you were always happy to find one at the back of the freezer.


Swanky St Pancras restaurant The Gilbert Scott promoted it to proper glory a couple of years ago by crafting a Kendal mint cake choc ice, the retro pudding hybrid of kings. And it might be posh, but you're officially still allowed to nibble the chocolate off.


Which childhood puds would you give a Bake Off makeover? Comment below or tweet us @homemade