A simple knife trick that makes chopping herbs so much quicker and easier

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Image: Bet you didn't know you could cut herbs like this

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This will change your herby world

This is quite possibly the quickest way to destalk herbs we have ever seen. 


Here's a trick that comes in particularly handy when a recipe calls for just the leaves of coriander, parsley, or another flat leaf herb – you'll never be left picking out the stalks again.


Take a bunch of herbs by the stalks in one hand, with the leaves pointing down, and slide your knife down the stalks and away from you to shave off the leaves with each cut. 


The leaves will fall to the chopping board, and you can either use them whole or give them another quick chop for finely diced herbs.


Keep the stalks for your homemade stock or try making this delicious Hemsley + Hemsley ginger and coriander soup recipe:


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Hemsley ginger coriander soup

Photo: Hemsley + Hemsley

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