You won't believe these dishes are gluten-free. Let the food hug commence

Mexican goodness

A bubbly casserole layered with corn tortillas, refried beans, roasted peppers, sweetcorn and cheese. Topping with guacamole is not optional here friends, it’s compulsory. Trust us.   

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Mega macaroons

Picture this: a cuppa with one of Eric Lanlard’s macaroon cookies filled with silky smooth salted caramel. 'Nuff said, really.

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Photo: Maja Smend

A pizza the action

Sweet figs, salty ricotta and peppery rocket on a pizza. This is how to do gluten-free when you’re craving carbs. 

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Pasta pronto

Yes, this is a leftovers dish but it is sooo good it's worth making from scratch, too. Plus it has pasta in it.

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Tart it up

Who knew gluten and dairy-free lemon bars could look this good? *runs to the shop to get some lemons*

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Layer up a lasagne

A hearty dish to warm your gluten-free soul. Mmm.

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Cake o’clock

Cherries, chocolate and cream. This cake from Paul Vickery is pure genius.

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Curry in a hurry

Thrifty food blogger Jack Monroe’s Thai chicken curry is pretty nifty. 

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Muffin top

Banana and chocolate is a no-brainer and this muffin will show you why.   

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