Here's how you can get in on the fig action for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert

Full-to-the-brim boxes down the fruit and veg aisle, filtered and cluttering your Instagram feed, sliced up in the starter you ordered at dinner – everyone's getting figgy with it nowadays. Here's how to get in on the action ...


Where the fig do they come from?

First, the facts. Figs mainly grow in California and the Mediterranean on the ficus tree, which is related to the mulberry tree (sounds fancy). Fig trees are so ancient they feature in the Bible. Take that, kale.

Figs come in all different sizes and colours including red, black, purple and dark and very pale, almost white, green.

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anika / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: die_ani​


Go fig or go home

So why does it feel like figs have been stalking us since summer? For starters, it turns out that the California fig season started in June, which explains why all those great US food bloggers you follow on Instagram have been going mad for them, and the European fig season has just started and will last until the end of the year.


It isn't only bloggers who are getting caught up in the fig hype. Figs are increasingly on the menu in  London restaurants and bars, thanks to their subtle, mellow and adaptable flavour that works with both sweet and savoury. Pizza East, in London's Shoreditch, serves figs with burrata and honeycomb on bruschetta, while the new Cocktail Trading Company in Smithfield mixes fig balsamic with Irish whiskey, cherry jam and lemon juice. At Canto Corvino, the latest restaurant to open in Spitalfields, guests can order fig-topped granola for breakfast and purple figs, blu di bufala and Jerusalem artichokes from the à la carte menu at dinner.


Sound fabulously delicious, don’t they? So get your Instagram ready – here’s how to enjoy figs in every course.  


Breakfast: creamy fig and cinnamon smoothie

Check out neuroticmommy's creamy and beautiful breakfast in a glass.

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Mid-morning snack: oat fig bars

Figgy and Sprout's bars are just the job for elevenses.

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Lunch: fig, feta and mint crostini

Assembe these bad boys in your kitchen.

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Dinner: 20-minute tagliolini with figs and serrano ham

Rosemary, lemon and a dollop of mascarpone on top. Yes please.

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Fig tart

Via: Homemade


Dessert: roasted fig and goats cheese ice cream

Autumnal ice cream is a thing. We've called it.

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