Because no one needs pastry envy on hump day. Here's what to eat while you're watching tonight's tense episode of GBBO

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Image: Watching Bake Off tonight? You’ll want to eat this

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We've had a sneaky peak at tonight's episode of The Great British Bake Off and it's so tense. And no wonder because this week, it's pastry: something us mere microwave-owning mortals are often terrified of.


The episode begins with the signature challenge of making a frangipane: the classic Italian almondy pastry topped with cream and fresh fruit. The test will be making the pastry gorgeous enough for Ms Berry to give it her seal of approval. We're already worried …


Then it's – wait for it – cheese. Say what? Yes, the bakers have to whip up some fresh flaounas. No, we hadn't heard of them either so we checked and it's a kind of like a Cypriot version of a Cornish pasty. With the added complication of some pretty unusual ingredients. It's very tricky, so we're expecting some intense oven-watching tonight. 


The showstopper takes us back to the 70s with vol-au-vents: unlike the bite-size nibbles with indistinguishable fillings found at Christmas parties, these creations must go above and beyond to impress the judges. Folding the tiny parcels and allowing time to chill before stuffing all gets too much for one contestant, who refers to the pastry party dish as their nemesis.


Oh, and if you want to have something unctuous to munch on as you watch the baking drama unfold, we suggest chowing down on this: it's baked camembert with cranberries and it takes just 10 minutes to prepare, using ready-rolled filo pastry and baking it for just 20 minutes. Flaouna, who? 



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