11 recipes to turn up the heat and the flavour on nature's sweets

Thought fruit was best served given a bit of a wash and crunching straight on in? Think again. Grilling nature's best actually intensifies the flavour of delicate fruit and the flames caramelise the natural sugars, giving it an extra sweet and smoky hit. 


The best fruit to grill are large, firm produce (that'll be your peaches, apples, pears and oranges), but feel free to throw pretty much anything on your BBQ and experience new taste sensations. How about threading some cherries, grapes and blueberries on to wooden skewers? The fruit can be placed in water for 30 minutes before it hits the fire to prevent it from burning, and we'd recommend using fruit that's currently in season for best results and the sweetest flavour.


Ready to give it a whirl? Ladies and gentlemen: fire up that grill and put away those sausages.



Grilled banana bagels

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Grilled banana bagel

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Sounds like a weird combo, actually tastes amazing. By adding grilled bananas, peanut butter and orange zest to your bagel, you've got yourself one delicious breakfast.


Grilled apple and goat's cheese

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Hard fruits such as apples are perfect for grilling because they hold their shape so well. Stack slices of grilled apple with goat's cheese for an original and flavoursome starter that'll get all your dinner guests talking.


Grilled peach panzanella

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Pep up a panzanella with some peaches. This salad is mouthwatering: we're already drooling over the honey and balsamic-vinegar glaze.


Grilled blue-cheese burger with pear

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The tastiest burger ever? Um, yes. This fruity number includes slices of grilled pear, rocket, crispy bacon, Wisconsin blue cheese and red onion balsamic relish.


Grilled melons with prosciutto and mozzarella

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The owners of Ox Restaurant in Portland, Oregon are full of grilled fruit ideas; here is just one. The classic 1980s starter gets a makeover, and the mild melon gains an added boost of flavour from the grill.


Grilled and smoked apples stuffed with sausage and sage

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These apples are not suitable for vegetarians. But damn, they are tasty.


Summer sangria with grilled citrus

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Mmmmm, refreshing! A sweet summer sangria, complete with charred oranges and limes.


Grilled prawn and peach kebabs

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These kebabs are dead easy to make with only three main ingredients: prawns, peaches and spring onions.


Spicy watermelon slices

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Watermelon subverted into a savoury snack. Warning: chilli flakes kick this dish up a notch.


Fiery fruit and quinoa salad

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Oh yeah, let's grill up some peaches again. This dish pairs them with a nutritious salad of quinoa, black beans and corn on the cob for a dish that's going to keep you coming back for seconds, thirds and possibly even fourths.


Chicken-apricot skewers

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Yep, we went there. Chicken and apricot: fruity and meaty. What's not to love in that mouthful?