These are the most delicious cookery books released throughout September and October 2015

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Right. Let's all put a positive spin on these last few days of summer, hey?


Sure, mornings are getting dark and the heating probably needs to make an appearance sometime soon. But think of all the glorious, autumnal joy coming your way. Crunchy leaves, a pair of ankle boots and a whole raft of new cookbooks to drool over. 


Yes, it's the key season for all the delicious, delectable and down right unmissable recipe collections from your favourite cooks, as well as exciting debut offerings from some new faces, too. 


Here's our edit of the best looking tomes on the block.


Amazon wish lists at the ready …


Rome: Centuries in an Italian Kitchen by Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi 

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From the eternal city comes a collection of eternal recipes: signature dishes concocted in the days of the empire and enjoyed today. Simple combinations of spaghetti with cheese and black pepper and sea bass with pancetta and sage leaves are a holiday on a plate, while the stunning visuals in this book make it coffee table-worthy. 


Rome: Centuries in an Italian Kitchen by Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi, (RRP £20, Hardie Grant) is available now 

A Year of Good Eating: The Kitchen Diaries III by Nigel Slater

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There's something lovely about Slater's way of writing that makes you want to spend a day pottering about the kitchen, mixing, measuring, spooning and tasting – all in a gloriously unrushed way. 


His forthcoming book, A Year Of Good Eating, is as sumptuously photographed as his previous ones, including the highly acclaimed Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food and Kitchen Diaries I and II. The latest offering features decadent weekend recipes such as asparagus and blue cheese tarts, along with speedy midweek suppers like baked eggs with greens. A total must-buy. 


A Year of Good Eating: The Kitchen Diaries III (hardback, RRP £30, 4th Estate) is available from 23 September 2015



Rustic: Simple Food and Drink From Morning to Night by Jorge Fernandez and Rich Wells

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The writers of this particular book, Jorge and Rick, are the coffee and sourdough-loving duo behind London's collection of Fernandez & Wells cafes, and thank the heavens that they've finally released a collection of their simple, flavourful recipes.


Think chorizo and lentils with poached eggs and olive oil cake with lemon and rosemary: it's all elegant, delicious flavour pairings with zero fussiness. 


Rustic: Simple Food and Drink From Morning to Night (hardback, RRP £25, Hardie Grant Books) is available from 22 October 2015



Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food by Nigella Lawson 

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When the queen of clotted-cream-spooning, salted-caramel-licking and Camembert-baking takes a trip down the 'food that makes you feel good' road, you know the whole healthy eating movement has really caught on. 


This is a fresh, clean book from the minimal design to the vibrant, veg-packed recipes. And it's always good to see Ms Lawson take up another space on the bookshelf. 


Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food (hardback, RRP £26, Chatto & Windus part of Vintage Publishing) is available from 8 October 2015



Magic Cakes: Three Cakes in One by Christelle Huet-Gomez



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The secret to fancy pants cakes with minimal effort has been revealed. One batter, one cake, three layers: yes, it can be done. How? Find out, in this very clever book from baking blogger Christelle Huet-Gomez. 


Magic Cakes: Three Cakes in One (hardback, RRP £9.99, Hardie Grant Books) is available now



East: Culinary Adventures in Southeast Asia by Leanne Kitchen and Antony Suvalko

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This collection of recipes inspired by southeast Asia is all vivid, popping colour and fragrant, fresh food from Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia and Burma. Sheer well-travelled edible escapism. 


East: Culinary Adventures in Southeast Asia (hardback, RRP £25, Hardie Grant Books) is available now



River Cottage: Love Your Leftovers by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall 

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Hugh! Everyone loves the mild-mannered, farm-adoring Hugh.


Fresh from encouraging us all to put veggies at the centre of our plates, the River Cottage man is back with another eco- and cost-conscious collection of recipes. This time, he's focusing on making the most of the odds and ends of food that might otherwise be resigned to the dustbin. Lovely. 


River Cottage Love Your Leftovers: Recipes For The Resourceful Cook (hardback, RRP £20, £18 online, Bloomsbury Publishing) is available from 8 October 2015



Primrose Bakery Everyday by Martha Swift 

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Sure, the cupcake frenzy has chilled out. But really, good cake is good cake and that's certainly something the Primrose Bakery knows how to do.


The fifth offering from the bakery's owner, Martha Swift, has got the sexy (banoffe loaf), the boozy (espresso martini cupcakes), and the exotic (black sesame icing.) Too sugary sweet to say 'no' to. 


Primrose Bakery Everyday (hardback, RRP £20, Square Peg at Vintage Books) is available from 8 October 2015



The Scandi Kitchen: Simple, Delicious Dishes For Any Occasion by Bronte Aurell 

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The British fetish for all things Nordic doesn't seem to be dying down. And with that minimal, monochrome, achingly cool aesthetic they've got going on – why would it? 


Another key part of Scandi culture well worth exploring is its food. Pickling, preserving, as well as being very 'in' right now all make for lots of delicious dishes rammed with flavour.


Factor in the emphasis on fish, rye bread and wicked cinnamon buns, and you can understand how you could get very into the cuisine indeed. 


This book comes from the woman behind London's Scandinavian Kitchen cafe and shop, and it's a tantilising riot through her native part of the world. Really gorgeous. 


The Scandi Kitchen: Simple, Delicious Dishes For Any Occasion (hardback, RRP £16.99, Ryland Peters & Small) is available now




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