Tempted to try the Black Forest gâteau from the first episode of The Great British Bake Off? We say, "Do it" – and also try some other delicious German cakes this weekend

So Bake Off came back into our lives last week, and with it came the prospect of spending our weekends merrily pottering about in our kitchens trying to recreate the latest episode's most delicious-looking offerings. Happy days.


Case in point: Bake Off's first episode reminded us of the Black Forest gâteau, which sent us all aflutter with its retro, chocolatey gooeyness. But it’s not just the Black Forest; there’s a load of amazing retro German cakes we’ve been neglecting for far too long. Here’s our list of some of the best to try yourself – it would be rude not to, really, wouldn’t it?



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This cake is rich with dried fruit and flaked almonds. It’s especially delicious toasted and slathered in lots of butter when it has gone slightly stale. What’s not to like there? 


Butter kuchen 

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Photo: fuersie.de

This simple tray bake simply can’t be beaten for minimal effort and maximum, buttery satisfaction.



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This enriched, yeasty dough – not dissimilar to that of brioche – is even more pleasing to eat than it is to say, if you can imagine that.



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The juice from the apples melt into this lovely, buttery sponge to make this one of the most moist and satisfying cakes we’ve ever tried. Not one to miss.


Frankfurter kranz torte

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This cake is thickly coated with buttercream, topped with caramel-covered brittle nuts called krokant, sandwiched between layers of jam and crowned with cherries. Just gloriously camp. 


Schwarzwälder kirschtorte

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This is the German word for Black Forest gâteau – literally meaning Black Forest cherry-torte – which is a bit of a mouthful. It’s a much-maligned work of German genius and has unfairly been seen as naff for far too long. 

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