Calling all foodies! If you're looking for a gorgeous gastronomic delight this month, make it one of these

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Dark chocolate peanut butter

Photo: Knead via Instagram

Dark chocolate peanut butter – go on, spread it on a muffin!

There's plenty to be happy about in May: two bank holidays and the imminent arrival of summer. But if you're feeling the need for a foodie treat, then look no further …


1. Seaweed pesto

Seaweed is billed as the super-food of the sea and whether you believe the hype or not, this pesto tastes so delicious. Stir it straight into hot pasta and gnocchi, mix it with cream for a rich sauce to go with salmon or spread it on your next sarnie. It's £3.69 for 120g and available from

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Seaweed pesto

Photo: reireireireirei via Instagram


2. Maldon smoked salt

Maldon's sea salt diamonds are a chef's best friend and if you haven't tried the smoked variety, then you really should. The Hawksmoor, one of London's best steak restaurants, won't use anything else to season their premium beef, so rub it on your rib-eye and pan-fry for a scrummy, smoky sensation.

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3. Tahitian vanilla extract

We have word from French pâtissier Eric Lanlard himself that Tahitian vanilla pods cannot be beat. They're about twice the size of Madagascan ones, and they're plump, soft and juicy, and totally bursting with seeds. Vanilla ice-cream is anything but plain-flavoured if you add Tahitian extract, and apparently you can use vanilla in savoury recipes, too! Who knew?

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4. English 'champagne'

There is plenty to be feeling bubbly about right now because apparently Britain has the same climate as France. And not just any bit of France either, but Champagne itself. While it's not great news for our neighbours, it's pretty good news for our home-grown sparkling wines. Celebrate by drinking some award-winning fizz from Camel Valley, Cornwall. Cheers.

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5. Willie's sea salt caramel black pearls

Pirates of the Caribbean's Captain Jack Sparrow chased after the Black Pearl to the world's end, and we'd go that far for these beautiful treats. Filled with cascades of smooth caramel and delicate flakes of sea salt, they're created by adventurous chocoholic Willie Harcourt-Cooze, also known as 'the chocolate man'. The company makes single origin chocolate bars, which are also worth tracking down. Look out for the orange and hint of honey one: that's our favourite.


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6. Dark chocolate peanut butter

Bittersweet chocolate blended with peanuts and spread on a hot toasted muffin … gosh, are we feeling hungry! Knead, based in London, is a very very small artisan bakery and the proud purveyor of divine peanut butters as well as homemade muffins, crumpets, friands and curds. Apparently appreciated by Michel Roux Jr and Russell Brand, you'll find Knead at Broadway Market every Saturday.


Not in London? Twist the arm of a friend who lives in the capital to get them for you … that's if they don't open the jar before they post them (their will might be stronger than ours).

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Dark chocolate peanut butter

Photo: Knead

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