Let's do what Brits best and make the most of spontaneous sunshine

Follow our 10-step grab ’n’ go picnic guide to be ready in a jiffy. It’s the perfect excuse for an impromptu day out or trip to the park...


1. Rustle up some finger food

Finger food is ideal for a picnic and these easy recipes all use ingredients you’re likely to have at home. Roll up some ham and cheese pinwheels as a fun and tasty alternative to sarnies, or let the microwave do the hard work with this super-quick frittata. Chop into bitesize pieces and serve with a bag of ready-made salad. Sorted!

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Rustle up some finger food

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2. Try something new

You can’t go wrong with family favourites such as pork pies, sausage rolls and scotch eggs. But if you want to step it up a notch, try olives, prawn and chorizo skewers and sunkissed cherry tomatoes. Pull out all the stops with a quick and easy Mediterranean platter of black olive tapenade, tomatoes, mixed olives, breadsticks and sliced chorizo.

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Try something new


3. Quench your thirst

Make sure you keep a selection of individual juice cartons in the cupboard. A variety pack is perfect for a choosy brood. 

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Quench your thirst


4. Prepare some fruity snacks

Punnets of strawberries and blueberries make great finger food. Rinse and cover the punnets with damp kitchen paper to keep them fresh, then pack them in the top of your picnic bag so they don’t get squashed. Take along some chocolate spread and a bag of roasted, chopped hazelnuts to spread and sprinkle on bananas.

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Don’t forget your 5-a-day


5. Add a magic ingredient

A few simple ingredients can transform everyday food. Try adding chopped fresh coriander to cottage cheese and carrot pittas or toss some sliced peaches or summer berries into a homemade salad. Sprinkle ready-made houmous with smoked paprika and add some dried chilli flakes to guacamole to give it an extra kick.

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Add a magic ingredient

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6. Assemble your sarnies

The kids will love making their own sarnies. At home, butter some bread or split some pittas, then pack ready-grated cheese, ham slices, tubs of pesto, guacamole and houmous smoked salmon, falafels, cucumber and coleslaw. Once on your picnic, lay everything out on a rug and let the kids choose their own filling.

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Assemble your sarnies


7. Get afters sorted

Don’t forget some sweet treats to enjoy while you relax in the sun. Why not tuck into mini meringues sandwiched with smooth lemon curd? Or for a laid-back cheeseboard, a French Brie or Camembert will ooze deliciously in the heat.

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Get afters sorted


8. Befriend your freezer

Stock up the freezer with homemade picnic snacks that you can pack in a bag and defrost on the hop. Veggie croquettes, red pepper houmous and oaty banana mini muffins are all super on a picnic and take just a morning in the kitchen to prepare ahead. Allow about three hours for them to defrost.

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Befriend your freezer

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