You've left it till the last minute and nothing but curry will do. Time to cheat …

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Image: Quick and easy fish curry

Via: Homemade

Quick and easy fish curry and it takes only 5 minutes to prepare

In an ideal world we'd be grinding our own spices, making our own ghee and kneading dough for homemade naan.


But let's get real. We're not Madhur Jaffrey. We want curry and we want it now. Here are some speedy shortcuts to get a curry on your table fast:


Tip 1: Frozen chopped onions are genius

You don't want to be all bleary eyed if you've got friends coming over, so skip chopping onions and buy them ready-prepped. Add a handful straight to the hot oil in your pan. 

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Tip 2: Have a good curry paste in your cupboard

Not all curry pastes are created equal so go for a good quality one. Of course if you're an eager beaver, you can make your own and freeze it in ice-cube trays. 


Don't be tempted to use a jarred curry sauce instead … the flavour just doesn't match up.  

Palak paneer (spinach and paneer) made with Patak's balti paste. Get the recipe ...


Tip 3: Ready-cooked tikka chicken is a secret saviour

You'll find it in the ready-to-eat aisle and it's already packed with flavour, which makes it a handy cheat. Chop into chunks and add to your curry paste, then pour over coconut milk, tinned tomatoes or stock.

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Chicken, vegetable & spinach curry

Via: Homemade

Use cooked chicken in this vegetable and spinach curry. Get the recipe ...


Tip 4: Fish pie mix makes a cracking curry

It's already diced so you won't even have to get out a chopping board. Hurrah!

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Tip 5: Ready-made naans are your friend

Skip the rice and go for naan bread instead. Sprinkle with water before you warm them up in the microwave or oven, and they'll come out more fluffy and fragrant. Brush with melted butter before serving. Ooh.

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Veggie tikka with naan bread

Via: Homemade

Veggie tikka with ready-made naan. Get the recipe ...


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