The Stockholm-dwelling food photographer and cookbook author shares some snaps with us

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Simon Bajada

Three words sum up chef-turned food photographer Simon Bajada's aesthetic: clean, crisp, fresh. 


Living in the Scandi heartland of Stockholm, beautiful, seasonal produce, panes of golden natural light and vast expanses of open green space are part of his everyday – and beautifully displayed in his Instagram shots. 


He talks us through his life in all things edible.


1. I'm really inspired by Sweden

"Even the inner parts of Stockholm are still very forested, so within minutes, you can be picking berries and mushrooms. Apart from in the middle of winter, there is always something to take from the nature and work a meal around. I also work a lot photographing chefs and restaurants, so I am continually in contact with innovative food and things." 


2. I like my food to be unfussy, but beautiful 

"I think there is a great deal of 'overdoing' things in the kitchen. While beauty is not necessary, there is a lot of creativity to be had making the most basic food preparations look lovely. Not all dishes need complicated technique or over-handling." 


3. One of my favourite Swedish treats is...

"Humans kost, which is the old style Swedish cuisine. It's so satisfying, it will keep you going 'til dinner time." 



4. My former career as a chef

"It contributes greatly to my food photography work. Understanding how food is prepared and how it will sit on the plate is very valuable. Having worked in kitchens, I understand chefs and their schedules – as well as their food."


5. My favourite Instagram accounts

"Autumn has brought on a penchant for porridge, so I'm inspired by @26grains in London and @groedcph in Copenhagen at the moment."

Follow him on Instagram @simonbajada



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