Waking up to Autumn's condensation covered windows in a cold bedroom is killing our rise and shine attitude. What do we need? A ruddy good breakfast. These dishes – all cooked in 10 minutes or under – will help

Waking up. Easier than it looks, isn’t it? Now that those darker, colder days are creeping in, hitting the snooze button "just one more time" is infinitely more appealing than the thought of your feet touching the cold kitchen floor first thing.


But what if we could promise the sweet smell of blueberry muffins, french toast and hash browns filling your house within a mere 10 minutes of your 7am alarm? These breakfasts – all made in 1-10 minutes – will take the sting out of your morning routine when it’s just too cold to leave Pillow Town.


Ready in 1 minute


Cacao coffee banana smoothie

Not a breakfast person? This coffee smoothie is far more healthier tasting than a boring flat white to-go. Just prepare yourself for the sound of the blender first thing. The smell of cacao and coffee will help.

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Ready in 2 minutes


Microwave blueberry muffin

What was life like before microwave cakes? We've no idea, because the memory of those rotten days are locked away along with that time Heston tried to make snail porridge happen. These blueberry muffins are actually ready in under 2 minutes and taste amazing. If it's widely considered reasonable to eat cake for breakfast then my goodness, we will.

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Ready in 3 minutes


Veggie omelette

Again, the microwave triumphs. This is a quick way to pack one of your five-a-day in first thing to help keep energy levels up until lunch.

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Ready in 4 minutes


One pan breakfast

Fry-ups aren't just for hotels and hungover weekends. Apparently we're supposed to eat like a king every day for brekkie, so if you've got a pan and 4 minutes between getting dressed and finding your keys, then there's no reason why you shouldn't.

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Ready in 5 minutes


Avocado, pomegranate and honey toast

If you're bored of bog standard avocado on toast then this recipe will win you over. Forget the corn variety and just toast a couple of slices of whatever loaf you've got knocking around the bread bin, before crushing your 'cado, tossing on some pomegranate seeds ('tis the season after all) and finishing with a lovely drizzle of honey.  

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Ready in 6 minutes


Homemade granola

OK, so this recipe actually takes almost half an hour to cook, but you only need to spend 6 minutes preparing your granola then all you have to do is throw it in the oven to bake while you faff around getting ready. When it's done, eat with yogurt and fresh fruit or, if you really are a snooze button fan, take it to work in a jam jar. You've then also got ready made granola to feel smug about for the rest of the week

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Via: mindbodygreen.com

Via: Jennifer Dene / mindbodygreen.com


Ready in 7 minutes


Pan con tomate

A personal favourite, pan con tomate is a classic Spanish breakfast that'll set you up for your commute. Lose the garlic if you've got a meeting first thing, but otherwise ignore your clean teeth instincts and rub a big clove on hot toast. Delish

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Ready in 8 minutes


Mini cinnamon rolls

The fancy one. This dish has the added bonus of cinnamon, and with cinnamon comes the heavenly scent of Christmas, which will fill you with the joys of the approaching winter. Conjured up with ready made croissant dough, they are super quick and oh-so-satisfying. Know what you need? A mini cinnamon roll.

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Ready in 9 minutes


French toast soldiers

Another sweet one, but the promise of French toast is always going to be more successful at getting you out of bed than English toast (naff white bread dabbed with the depressing remains from a sticky Marmite jar). Interpret this serving suggestion as non negotiable;  everyone knows toast tastes better in soldier form.

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Ready in 10 minutes


Breakfast popovers

Well, well, well: look who's got a whole 10 minutes to spare in the morning. Congrats, you deserve some breakfast "popovers" (actual name). They're crispy, you can dunk them in a lovely runny egg (if you can be bothered to fry one) and they've even got cheese. See ya porridge.

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