Super-simple one pan roast chicken with potatoes, plus how to use a beer can to make a chicken dance, and useful tips on how not to set fire to the whole neighbourhood

Got that? Good, because now it's time to learn some other essential poultry skills. Are you sitting comfortably?


Salt of the earth

Let's start with this super-simple guide to brining from a woman who claims to be able to show you "how to do practically anything in 10 seconds or less". The mind boggles.


Beer can-do

Check out this brilliant method for barbecuing whole chickens. The chef gets to drink a can of beer and the chicken gets something to sit on while it steams from the inside and browns to perfection in the barbecue - magic!

Via YouTube / Barbecue Web


Fry me to the moon

If you live in a part of the world where most people spend all summer wondering what happened to summer, then this indoor method might be more the thing.

Via YouTube / Chili B


Must fry harder

And finally here's how not to deep fry a whole anything. If you don't know what you're doing this is not a Good Idea.