If you're looking to be a bit smarter with your food intake this year, we're here to hold your hand

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How to eat clean in 2015

Via: Tara Fisher

So you might have heard a lot of scary words being bandied about lately. Words like "detox" and "juicing" and ''raw diet", but we've got some really good advice for you: don't panic.


Instead of setting yourself some impossible New Year's challenges, maybe you could just have a go at not eating potatoes, bread and cheese at every meal (or is that just us?).


Consider for a moment all the vegetables of the land (no, kale is not the only vegetable) and have a go at putting some in your body.


Here's what a typical day in your new virtuous life might look like.



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Good morning! Today is a new healthy day. Wait, so what does one eat if not piles of hot buttered toast?


Temple food swap: Bircher muesli
Calories: 394


First things first: you are going to have to kick this whole bread, bread, bread, pastry thing if you are embracing your inner Gwyneth. That's why you need to be getting yourself in on the Bircher muesli action. It's not actually a particularly calorie-light brekkie, but it's going to sustain you until at least lunch. Oaty, seedy, fruity goodness.



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You can do this.


Temple food swap: Very green quinoa

Calories: 243


Still want to jump on the smug green bandwagon? You couldn't go far wrong eating this zingy salad. Forget that you have come to regard quinoa as a swear word and focus on the fresh mint and ginger, creamy avocado and crunchy nuts. Which makes it hardly a salad at all.


Or: Grilled vegetable salad with manchego cheese

Calories: 141 


But what's this? Cheeeeese? Yes that's right friends, here is a tasty, filling salad you can make the night before and heat up in the microwave. And put cheese on. Result. If you're craving meat, add a small handful of chopped chorizo and that's one tasty lunch. 


Afternoon snack

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Temptation arrives as Janet on the desk opposite opens a packet of crisps. What do you do now?


Temple food swap: Smoked spiced roasted chickpeas

Calories: 194


Because you're not an utter plonker, you've got a load of these in a container under your desk for moments like this. The truth is sometimes (no matter how filling that quinoa is) you'll be feeling a little deprived by 3pm. Once you've popped a few of these beauties in your goblet you won't be any more. Trust us.



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It's been a long and stressful day. You can smell batter on the wind. The fish and chip shop is calling your name. 


Temple food swap: Thai green fish curry
Calories: 384


Listen up, folks. Chips and batter aren't the answer. Honestly. You're looking for some comfort food, something nourishing and satisfying that you don't have to think about too much. This hearty fish curry is just the thing. 


If you're not a fishy person, why not have a go at this really easy bacon and pea risotto. Yes, bacon! Perfect for a packed lunch the next day too. 



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Savoury dinner done. How your tastebuds are tingling for that satifsfying sweet finish. You can hear the biscuits whispering to you.

Temple food swap: Roasted and spiced pears
Calories: 112


The much-neglected pear will be there for you when you find yourself being drawn towards the biscuit tin. It's super-sweet (tick) and juicy and takes on a whole new charm when chucked in the oven with some blackberries.mAdd a dollop of low-fat creme fraiche or fat-free yoghurt and you're covering all your bases flavour-wise.

For more totally practical, totally delicious ways to keep those New Year's resolutions have a look at these super-tasty recipes:

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