Cook perfect boiled eggs with these handy video tips, plus find out how to turn your spud into a saucepan, watch a crazy guy peel a boiled egg, and see the ultimate basset hound v egg face-off

Whether you like it yolky so your soldiers get a nice good dipping, or hardboiled for portable picnic munchies – here are the timings and techniques to get your egg just right. Cracking!

And once you've mastered your boiling technique, here are some more egg-cellent tips, tricks and cute dogs to look at ...



How to boil an egg in a potato

Stuck in the wilderness with just a fire, a potato and an egg for comfort? Fear not, lift your spirits with this crazy way to cook a quick egg supper.

Via YouTube / North Survival


How to peel an egg the Russian way

Two different ways to get the shell off your hard boiled eggs – although we’re not 100% sure how hygienic this method is …

Via YouTube / CrazyRussianHacker


Boiled Egg v Basset Hound

If a boiled egg and a basset hound had a snuffling face-off on the dining room floor – who would win? There’s only one way to decide … FIGHT!

Via YouTube / Kazy Kat