This ain't no ordinary pasta, this is pasta the kids will be queueing up to tuck into

Kids refusing your lovingly-cooked food on the grounds of it all being a bit beige? We have the solution right here for you: it's called the "rainbow technique" by those in the know


Blogger mums across the globe are serving up "rainbow pasta"  that's strands of spaghetti lovingly dyed different colours. Why? To make mealtimes more exciting! If you don't fancy using standard food colouring you can try natural ones: the results are the same, the colours are just less vibrant.


Dinner in full technicolour? We were sold. For the kids, obviously.

Step 1

Cook your pasta as normal. Any make and any shape of pasta will do. 

Step 2

Divide the cooked pasta equally into freezer bags (as many bags as you have colours). Add food colouring to each bag (we recommend the concentrated paste variety rather than the watery kind). We ended up using almost a whole tube of colouring for each bag. Add a bit of water, seal the bag and swish the spaghetti around so it all gets coated. Leave for 10 minutes or so.

Report image
freezer bags


Step 3

Empty all your bags of spaghetti into a colander and rinse until the water runs clear  the more you rinse, the less likely it is that the colours will run.


Step 4

Mix it altogether and serve!

Report image
Spaghetti on a plate


The verdict?

Fun to make and pretty easy to do. Smother it in a bolognese sauce secretly packed with wholesome veggies  it's a great way to get kids cooking in the kitchen. And if they like they could always make some cute pictures with their rainbow pasta. 

Got any cunning strategies to encourage kids to clear their plates? Share in the comments below