These teeny little donuts will really make your day

When we saw on the Internet that you could make these tiny, tiny donuts the office pretty much exploded with "aaaws". Even the manliest of men could not resist the dinky charm of these adorable little snacks.


But do you need unimaginable levels of dexterity to make them happen? We decided to find out:

Step 1

You will need:

  • As many Cheerios as you would like donuts
  • A matchbox
  • A small amount of parchment paper
  • Some edible glitter
  • Very small sprinkles
  • Icing sugar
  • 1 tube of writing icing (colour your choice)
  • Maybe some tweezers
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you need

Step 2

It's pretty straightforward really. Make a ring around your Cheerio with your tube of icing. You can either leave it plain or dip it face down in your sprinkles.

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dipping gif

Step 3

Line your matchbox with parchment paper and super-carefully place your Cheerios in neat rows in the box. This is very fiddly and (even if you use tweezers) it can all go belly up. As you can see ... not the neatest.

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elf box

Instead, wait for your lickle-bickle donuts to dry and find someone with tiny fingers to help you carefully place them. Then show them to everyone you know and watch their hearts completely melt. We had a second try:

Happy elfing! 

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