There's much more to the gooseberry than just being one. Our food experts investigate the little tart berry which often ends up a fool

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Image: Gooseberries

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A whole bowlful of gooseberries. Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

If you have any burning, unanswered gooseberry-related questions then thumbs up – you’re in the right place! We’ve discovered the most commonly asked gooseberry questions on Google and jotted the answers down here.

What do gooseberries look like?

Gooseberries look a lot like spherical grapes, only have a furry skin that melts away during cooking. They’re plump, round and opaque when fresh, and so much more than merely hairy grapes.

What do gooseberries taste like?

Few summer fruits rival the gooseberry for sheer flavour complexity. Green is the tarty sister to the red gooseberry, with a zesty sourness much like rhubarb. Green gooseberries taste great with a sprinkling of sugar, too! Red varieties, known as dessert gooseberries, are sweet and juicy with grapey, figgy notes.

Where is the Gooseberry Falls?

Under a gooseberry bush?! No, the real Gooseberry Falls is a state park in northeast Minnesota, USA. It’s known for its spectacular waterfalls, river gorge and the 23-mile-long Gooseberry River. Take a dip – it’s sure to give you goose bumps!

What are gooseberries good for?

Gooseberries are low in calories so an ideal snack or pud if you’ve got plans to slip into a summer bikini or skintight speedos. They’re also full of vitamin C and fibre, which helps to keep you snuffle-free and regular.

Where can I buy gooseberries?

Fresh gooseberries can be tricky to find, but canned and frozen are still around in the supermarket shelves and a make a handy alternative. Punnets of fresh gooseberries overflow at farmers markets, but they’re not around for long – snap them up when you see them in June through to August.

What can I do with gooseberries?

Don’t be a gooseberry! Cook with them instead. In fact, gooseberries are drastically underused and make a glamorous summer treat. Use green ones for a compote, a summer fool with thick custard and whipped cream, or pop red gooseberries straight into your mouth, just like candy.

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