Think biscotti are too hard and dry? Prepare to have your mind blown.

It’s biscuit week at camp Bake Off and contestants will be grappling with the much-maligned Italian biscuit: biscotti. They're just too dry and hard for anyone with even a mild interest in keeping their teeth intact. Right?


Wrong! Yes, biscotti are pretty hard and unpalatable if you eat them straight from the biscuit tin. But the thing is, they’re not actually supposed to be eaten that way. The durable biscuit is crying out to be dipped in coffee, limoncello and, even better, some delicious vin santo – and that’s exactly how the locals serve it. 


So now that your minds have been suitably blown, here are some other suggestions for how to use up your biscotti this week …


Zabaglione with biscotti crumble

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Crunchy, nubbly nuggets of crushed biscotti are the perfect foil for a luxuriously smooth zabaglione. This one is made with egg yolks, sugar, marsala, vanilla and almond extracts, and it sounds almost indecently indulgent.


Ricotta lemon cheesecake with biscotti crust

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Seriously impressive looking considering how little work actually goes into cooking this recipe.


Biscotti ice-cream

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Biscotti are a great accompaniment to ice-cream and this recipe cuts out the middle man by putting the biscotti into the ice-cream mix. Genius. 


Biscotti tiramisu 

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The firmer biscotti provide a more substantial base for a tiramisu than the traditional lady fingers, but it’s even better for it. 

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