Lip-smacking recipes from wild mushroom melts to peanut butter and chocolate banana bread …

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Decadent peanut butter and chocolate banana bread: scroll down for the recipe …

Here's the ultimate edit of the five delicious dishes you absolutely must make this month. October is a time to feast. Enjoy!


1. Autumn harvest granola

With brown butter, pecan and maple flavours, the thought of this breakfast will get you out of bed even when it's still cold and dark outside.

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2. Autumn-style salad

Plump-bottomed figs, crisp lettuce, salted caramelised walnuts and strong blue cheese – this is no ordinary salad but a super-duper autumn salad (and a very welcome lunch al desko).

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3. Wild mushroom melts

Ooh. Gooey melted cheese and buttered-up garlic mushrooms. These mushroom topped toasties will melt even the sternest anti-carb heart.

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4. Spiced chicken and butternut couscous

Up the drama around your kitchen table with this Moroccan-inspired chicken and squash dish glistening with parsley, mint and pomegranate seeds.

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Spiced chicken and butternut couscous

Via: Karen Thomas


5. Chocolate peanut butter banana bread

Just like the banana bread we all know, love and more importantly can bake, only much, much more decadent. (One good thing about the weather getting colder!)

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