Try this selection of sophisticated pop-in-the-mouth snacks

Finger food is pretty much anything you can slip in your mouth without requiring a plate and cutlery (though you can add those too if you like). More than a canapé, less than a meal, finger foods are ideal picnic, packed lunch or informal garden dining fodder. Enjoy.


Salmon fish fingers with harissa crumb

Basically posh fish fingers, darling.


Butternut squash falafels with spicy zhoug sauce

Velvety smooth butternut falafel topped with zhoug – essentially a Middle Eastern pesto made from fresh green chilli. Ideal for lunch boxes or eating alfresco – just add crispy flat bread and serve. 


Beetroot sushi

These vivid pink delights come spiked with homemade wasabi mayo, packing a punch on both the visual and taste front. 


Mushroom and ricotta filo crackers

Succulent mushrooms, crushed pine nuts and fresh thyme huddle together inside crunchy filo crackers. What’s not to love?


San choy bau

Also known as spicy lettuce boats. We love the crunchy lettuce 'plate' alongside rich and tender0 lightly spiced meat. One to impress guests with. 


Crab rolls

Sainsbury's Crab rolls

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Karen Thomas

Up the finger food stakes with this British crab-topped bite. Serve with champagne if you will (why would you not?).


Cheddar, salmon and watercress scones

How does the old joke go? Going, going, scone! No chance of these tasty numbers sticking around for long, that's for sure. 


Cheddar and leek croquettes

We remember a time when potato croquettes felt pretty fancy. Now they come in any number of varieties, but we love these cheese- and leek-filled ones. Easy to pop, trickier to stop. You have been warned.