Avoid the weekly food-envy hour GBBO brings and prepare this super-quick, gluten-free dinner tonight

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Image: Watching Bake

Photo: Homemade

If you were unfortunate enough to miss the 'free from' episode of The Great British Bake Off last night, then get straight home this evening and settle in to watch it on catch-up. The contestants demonstrated where we've all been going wrong in our quest to join the gluten/sugar/dairy-free food brigade.


Abandoning classic cooking methods in order to work with alternative ingredients, bakers produced dairy-, gluten- and sugar-free feasts. Hold on to your at-home allergy-testing kits, because it was a corker.

Kicking things off in the signature challenge were sugar-free cakes, which involved carrot, upside-down pineapple and enough agave syrup to cause overnight bankruptcy.

Next up, pitta breads were waving the flag for gluten intolerance, testing the contestants' skills when baking with sticky wheat-free dough. It was all about achieving the perfect pocket.

The grand finale tested the bakers' abilities to produce sweet dairy-free ice-cream rolls. If regular ice-cream causes infamous moments like Baked Alaska-gate, who knows what drama its more complicated, dairy-free cousin coconut milk will bring?

But making your own ice-cream is a bit time-consuming for a work night. Instead, watch the episode unfold while munching down on some delicious gluten-free fish fingers. Cook them in 20 minutes and add buttery mash, steamed greens or just a simple dollop of tartare sauce and some watercress.

Absolutely no dramas. Or bloated bellies.