Not a fan of the hot stuff? Come on, let us tempt you ...

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Image: Curry for people who don't love curry

Chicken biryani – looks good, doesn't it? The recipe's here

Even the most hardened curry-phobic will enjoy these subtly spiced dishes – be brave and give ‘em a go.


Cauliflower and cashew biryani

Curry doesn’t have to be overcooked chunks of meat or fish floating in a gloopy, greasy sauce. This biryani made with fresh coriander, tasty veggies and toasted cashews is lighter than your usual. Plus, if you make it yourself, there are no nasty surprises!

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Image: Cauliflower and cashew biryani

Photograph: Dan Jones


Easy smoked haddock kedgeree

This jamboree of a kedgeree is less of a curry and more of a spiced rice, the curry kick is such a mild taste it adds to the overall flavour rather than overpowers it. This is a perfect curryphobes' starter dish, although maybe not for breakfast.

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Image: Easy smoked haddock kedgeree

Photograph: Dan Jones


Curried pumpkin soup

If it's the smell you don't like, try this ever-so gently spiced soup. Curry powder here provides a warming, background note: there's no eye-watering heat with this one.

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Coronation chicken

If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, a dollop of apricot jam might improve curry relations. Add a sprinkle of sultanas too for extra sweetness and you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it. It's the perfect recipe for using up leftovers. Go on, give it a try.

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Delicate vegetable korma with cashews and apricots

The mild child on the currry block this is a taste of creamy heaven, unctious coconut cream and natural yogurt with some fruity apricot sweetness and just the tiniest hint of gentle spices. 

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Image: Vegetable korma with cashews and apricots

Photograph: Emma Lee


Spicy ginger prawn pasta

If you prefer your curry to have some familiar texture, then spicing up pasta is the way forward. Cook your pasta al dente, then toss through with plump king prawns and baby corn before adding a bit of fire with an injection of Thai red curry paste. Sorted.

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Just because you hate curry doesn’t mean you have to miss out on everything that goes with it. Cucumber raita and fresh coriander chutney are two delicious dips ready in 10 minutes flat – just add tortilla chips, cold beer and a few mates.