Warm, hearty and simply delicious … get souping!

As many mothers have known for aeons, chicken soup soothes everything. We're sure there's no better tonic for a weary body than a steaming bowl of the homemade stuff. Here's a list of our favourites for you to try now that the nights are drawing in … enjoy!




Chicken soup with matzo meal dumplings 

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The original and the best cold cure favoured by Jewish mothers the world over. The joy of this recipe is a combination of the pretty virtuous clear, salty broth combined with kind of naughty dumplings made with matzo meal and chicken fat. It's the perfect mix of cleansing liquid and sleep-inducing stodge. Just what the doctor ordered. 


Lao-style chicken noodle soup 

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Chicken soup turned up a notch with the aid of ginger, garlic, chilli and rice noodles. For those of you who like your flavours a little bit bigger. You fancy pants, you. 



Moroccan chicken soup 

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This soup is luxuriously thick, almost like a stew thanks to the addition of garbanzo beans. It's also heady with the familiar Moroccan spices; a pure winner for anyone who likes to spend their sick days pottering about in the kitchen.


Avgolemona soup 

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Greek Avgolemona soup, which is chicken stock thickened with eggs, flavoured with lemon and bulked up with rice, has the added benefit of being both lemony and buttery in flavour. We'll take this over a Lemsip any day of the week. 


Sriracha chicken pozole

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A soup which combines some of our favourite Mexican flavours with our all-time favourite store cupboard chilli sauce. Where do we sign up?


Roast chicken soup

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You don't even need to think about going to the supermarket for this recipe, which uses up chicken and roasted veg from your Sunday dinner. Perfect for when the prospect of putting on anything but your pink leopard-print, marmite-stained pyjamas seems like sacrilege. Just us … ?


Chicken and corn chowder

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A sunny slice of the southern states of the US when all outside is dismal and grey. 


Peruvian chicken 

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If you're a fan of corriander, you're going to absolutely adore this hearty soup. If not, stay clear (unless you want to feel more rubbish that you already do). 



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