We all know dads have a secret sweet tooth. Surprise him with these easy and yummy Father's Day treats – and have a laugh in the kitchen while you're at it

Share a pint-size cupcake with Dad – cheers to that

There's no better gift than one you've lovingly (and messily) made yourself, so get the whole family in the kitchen and create one of these sweet treats for Dad.



1. Father's Day cookies

A project for the little ones. Make these cute letter cookies with the kids and let them decorate whichever way they like. Yes, there'll probably be an explosion of hundreds and thousands across the kitchen but when you see Dad's face, it'll be worth it. 


2. Cheeseburger cupcakes

They might look like Big Macs from far away, but when Dad takes a bite he'll realise the burger and trimmings are in fact sweet layers of chocolate sponge and coloured icing. Like a classic dad joke in foodie form, he's guaranteed to find these funny.


3. Bourbon bacon brittle

Perfect for big kids, this whiskey-flavoured brittle is packed with caramelised bacon, a dash of rich bourbon and some chopped pecans. Prep before Father's Day so it's ready for 'crunch time', then pop in a jar as an extra special gift.


4. Gold medal biscuits

Give Dad a gold medal on Father's Day. Once baked, dust with a golden shimmer and ice them with your own message.


Chef's tip: create the holes in the biscuits with a piping nozzle while they're still warm, then thread through some bright ribbon for an authentic Olympic-worthy medal.


5. No-bake fudge with marshmallow

Soft baking caramel, chocolate and squidgy marshmallows are all you need to make these fudgy nibbles. Sweet, creamy and easy-peasy, Dad's not going to want to share.


6. Moustache cupcakes

Pay tribute to Dad's 'tache with these quirky and delicious chocolate cupcakes. Make your own dark chocolate topper by piping melted chocolate into the outline of a moustache and roughly filling in the space. Let them dry then press on top of decadent buttercream swirls. How very gentlemanly ...


7. Fried chicken cookies

Play a joke on Dad with these takeaway look-a-like bites. Cover with royal icing and crushed cornflakes to make them look like comic drumsticks, then pop in a small paper bucket to make The Colonel proud.


8. Chocolate covered honeycomb

Don't hold back on the chocolate! A thick coating of the bittersweet stuff offsets the sweetness of the honeycomb and makes these Father's Day treats even more moreish. Smash into shards and tie up in a sandwich bag ready to give to Dad on Sunday morning.


9. Frothy 'pint' cakes

Mini chocolate cakes baked in jars and wrapped in yellow icing put a new spin on sharing a pint! Plus, with their surprise-inside Irish cream ganache filling and frothy whipped cream topping, they make a cheery end to any Father's Day feast.

What are you making for your dad this Father's Day? Let us know in the comments box below or tweet us @Homemade ...