Crazy for the crispy stuff? Get a load of these ravishing rashers...

Bacon. Making mornings more bearable for centuries. Whether it’s adding salty crunch to runny-yolked fried eggs, nestling between slices of bread or lending an American accent to your stack of pancakes, bacon is a true breakfast hero.


Then there are its dinner skills. A rasher or two of bacon infuses pasta sauces, hearty stews and pie fillings with rich, smoky sweetness, and is just perfect wrapped around chicken and meaty fish. And if there’s anything better suited to cool, creamy avocado, we’re yet to eat it.


Yep, we’re not being rash when we say bacon has a special place in our hearts. And on our plates. Streaked, smoked, fat or thin – here are the best ways to bring home the bacon.


1. Bacon, egg and mushroom breakfast pies

A new twist on traditional fry-ups, these delicious pies are prefect for brekkie, lunch or dinner. Whenever you need a bit of rasher love, really.


2. Coffee bacon

Wake up and smell the coffee. Or is that bacon? We’re confused – but we like it.


3. Smoky bacon beans on toast

Bacon adds beautiful smokiness to this sophisticated twist on baked beans.


4. Leek and potato soup with bacon

This soup is a total classic. Shards of crumbled bacon put it streaks ahead.


5. Cod with bacon, leeks and lentils

Sweet, smoky, salty – the lardons lend lovely flavours to perfectly balance the flaky cod.


6. Bacon and onion pasta

Crisp, browned rashers are an easy way to lift even the simplest bowl of pasta – because everything’s better with bacon.


7. Beer and bacon mussels with savoy cabbage

The flavour and texture of bacon is a perfect complement to soft, salty mussels. Serve with plenty of crusty bread to mop up the broth. Divine.


8. Bacon lattice pie

Ready-rolled pastry and sauce mix makes this an easy-peasy pie. Once again, bacon brings home the flavour.