Mayo in cakes and cookies – can this be true?

Baste fish with it

So this is a thing you were probably not aware of but has in fact been going on for donkey's years. It'll give your fish an extra richness that you just can't get from straight-up grilling it. By all means experiment we'd say you can't go too far wrong with dill, capers, lemon zest and/or garlic. This trout with lemon, tarragon and garlic mayo coating looks good to us.


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Tuna tartare anyone?

Sliced thinly and delicately dressed this dish is gorgeous and lean. Result! Add a dollop of your favourite mayo, chilli paste, sesame oil and soy (like this recipe from Fiona Likes Food) and spoon onto any carby receptacle you like. Or, ya know, just have salad.

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Make sushi with it

Bet you never thought of making your very own temaki hand rolls. What on earth is temaki? Well it's that thing pictured below. This is probably going to involve a trip to an oriental supermarket but you've got all weekend, you can afford to take it easy! Have a go at a traditional California roll using salmon and crabsticks. We'd highly recommend mixing your mayo with a small squeeze of wasabi for a bit of punch.

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Become the overlord of crisps and dip with avocado aioli

Stop rolling out the boring hummus and Sensations combo. If you're going to crunch your way through eight family bags of crisps, dips and seven bottles of wine, treat your guests to something a bit fancier. Try this recipe from Oh She Glows that you can (smugly) assure your chums is vegan. 


In fact you might even want to line your tummy a bit, so drizzle it on smashed baked potatoes. Or bread. Or literally straight onto your tongue because it's delicious.

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Come to think of it, why not make it into biscuits?

Well, quite. These ones are adapted from Kelly at The Meaning of Pie are quite a bold non-chocolately step into the world of mayonnaisey baked goods.  

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Sprinkle them with flakes of sea salt and eat with a bit of fig jam and some ripe cheese, or as Kelly does with lashings of honey.

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Bake it in a chocolate cake

What? We know what you're thinking, what is this total and utter madness? But wait a minute, mayo is eggs and fat all whipped up together  it's not as silly as it sounds. Plus according to A Cozy Kitchen it makes one seriously moist cake. Plus that icing looks Bruce Bogtrotter delicious. If you're feeling lazy, try this one with pre-packaged cake mix.

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